20 Sophisticated Floral Lace for an Eye-Catching Attire

There is nothing more sophisticated than having the perfect floral lace on your attire. It is very elegant and timeless. That is why we have gathered the best floral lace items you will surely love.

1. Grey Tulle Exquisite Floral Alice Embroidered Dress

Sewing Lace Fabric $12.99

Looking for the perfect lace for your prom skirt? Then this will do the magic. It has measurements of 1 yard (91.4cm) Width:58 inch(146 cm) and is made from lace.

2. Olive Lace Wide Black Stretchy Lace Ribbon

6 inches Elastic Trim Fabric with Floral Pattern for Bridal Wedding Decorations $9.99

This nice lace has measurements of 9.84 x 6.69 x 0.67 inches and has materials of 90% nylon /10% spandex. It is perfect for card making, gift wrapping, bow making, jewelry design, floral arrangement, and much more.

3. VIRFONOR White Lace Ribbon

2.76 inch Vintage Floral Ribbon Lace Fabric Lace $12.99

This nice lace fabric is made from Elastic, Cotton, and lace and has measurements of Width of about 2.76 Inches, Lengths of about 6yards. It is perfect for scrapbooks, bouquets, gift wrapping, weddings, parties, birthdays, dolls clothes, and more.

4. Ivory Lace Fabric Eyelash Chantilly Floral Bridal

Wedding Dress Flower African Lace $22.99

This beautiful floral eyelash lace fabric will make any project perfect. It is ideal for wedding cake decorations, vintage tea parties, vintage, and much more.

5. LaceRealm Assorted Black and White Embroidery Floral Stretch Lace

7 Inch Elastic Trim Fabric for Garment And DIY Craft Supply $15.99

It is made from nylon which makes it stretchy. This lace is suitable for sewing, decorating, floral designing, and crafts. It has measurements of Width is approx 7 inches; Length: 1 yard for each design.

6. SimpleSS 3D Flower Lace Trim

This nice 3D lace fabric is made from Polyester and Imitation Pearl. It is ideal for wrapping mason jars, candles, bouquets for brides and bride maids, and much more.

7. Vintage Gold Pearl Rose Flowers Embroidered Lace Trim

1 Yard Fabric Floral $3.99

Its materials are made from Polyester, Pearl, Gold line, and Fabric. It is perfect for clothing, costume, dress, curtain DIY sewing. You will love using it for your floral designing, making hair accessories, and more.

8. Milylace 3D Floral African Lace Fabric

5 Yards Nigerian Embroidered Mesh Lace Fabric with Beads for Wedding $56.00

With its soft materials, you will love it for your wedding dress. It is made from 100% polyester. Great for shawls scarves, pillowcases, tablecloths, curtains, African handbag shoes, home decorations, and much more.

9. SuiGlory Vintage Lace Trim Ribbon

Blue Pink Embroidery Floral Sewing Lace Trim $13.99

This nice floral lace has measurements of Length: 10 yards. Width: 9cm/3.54 inch. You will love using it for your projects such as doll clothes, bow making, tablecloths, headwear, curtain, and much more.

10. SuiGlory Vintage Lace Trim Ribbon

Blue Pink Embroidery Floral Sewing Lace Trim for Craft Sewing Wedding $13.59

Made from high-quality polyester silk, it has intricate details perfect for any gowns and formal attire. It has measurements of Length: 5 yards. Width: 15cm/5.9inch. and easy to use. Ideal for sewing, bridal& wedding decorations, DIY Handicrafts, and much more.

11. Olive Lace White Stretchy Lace

7 inches Wide with Floral Pattern for Bridal Wedding Decorations $12.99

It has materials of 92% nylon/8% spandex and with measurements of 7 Inches Wide by 5 Yards/Roll. It has a soft texture which makes it versatile. This lace fabric is one of the best choices among savvy brides, talented florists, wedding planners/designers, and event decorators.

12. Lace Realm Wide Lace White Stretchy Lace Trim

7.8 Inches Fabric with Floral Pattern for Decorative Bridal Wedding $10.99

Made from Spandex, Lace, and Nylon, this floral lace is very much ideal for wedding gowns. You can also use it for your other projects such as decoration, sewing, gift wrapping, DIY headbands, and much more.

13. Pink and Yellow Floral Embroidery Organdy Lace Fabric

54 inches Width by The Yard $18.49

It has measurements of width: 138cm(54 inches), unit length, 95cm( 1 yard). This lace fabric is perfect for skirts, wedding lace, curtain veil, interior decor lace fabric, and much more.

14. De.De. Embroidered Lace Fabrics

1X1.5m Embroidery Colorful Flower Lace Trim for Wedding Dress Décor $19.99

With its large measurement of 39x59inches, it is the perfect floral embroidered lace for your gowns and other DIYs. You will love using it for your wedding dress, headwear, sewing craft, gift wrapping, doll, and much more.

15. Red and Black Floral Stretchy Lace

Elastic Trim Fabric 4 Yard $10.99

If you are in search of an elegant kind of lace fabric then you can rely on this one. It has measurements of width:5.9 inch length: 4 yard/roll and is made from Elastic, Spandex, Lace, and Nylon. It is great for decorating, floral designing, sewing, clothes DIY, and much more.

16. Tyenaza Lace Ribbon

4.5CM Yards Floral Ribbon Lace Fabric Lace Trim by The Roll for Wedding Invitation, Cards, Decorating $6.89

Made from Polyester, Cotton, and lace, this lace fabric is very easy to use. It is one of the most versatile lace fabrics since you can freely use it for your cake ornament, dolls clothes, handmade sewing craft. Perfect for sewing, scrapbooking, and more.

17. Sourcemall Lace Trim Ribbon

Delicate Cotton Embroidery Ribbon for Wedding/Bridal Decoration $13.20

It has a soft texture and is skin-friendly. This lace fabric is made from cotton and lace and has measurements of Length: 10 yards. Width: 8cm/3.15inch. Great for girl's clothing, tablecloths, headwear, and much more.

18. Sewing Embroidered Floral Lace Ribbon

White Lace Trim Tulle Fabric $11.90

Are you in search of lace fabric for your DIY craft projects, gift decorating, clothing, tablecloths, headwear, and other DIYs? Then this floral lace fabric will do. It is made from imported polyester.

19. WorthSJLH Purple African Lace Fabric

3D Applique Net Lace Fabric Material 2020 New Latest French Nigerian Lace Fabric L403 $59.99

This floral lace fabric is made from 100% polyester and has measurements of Length: 5 yds (180 inches). Width: 51-52 inch. This lace fabric is perfect for dresses, skirts, headwraps, and much more.

20. WorthSJLH Swiss Voile African Lace

2021 Cotton Lace Fabric 5 Yards Gold Nigerian Lace Fabric with Stones Blue Embroidery Lace LF951 $59.99

Since it is made from lace and rhinestone, this lace fabric should be hand washed with extra care. It has measurements of Length: 5 yards (180 inches). Width: 51-52 inch. It is perfect for dresses, skirts, headwraps, and much more.


Getting the perfect result for your attire and other projects should now be possible because of these beautiful lace fabrics we have shared with you. Make your best choice among these floral lace items and you will be surprised with its outcome.