20 Exquisite 3D Lace Fabric to Fall in Love With

Do you wish to make your gown more exquisite? How about making those DIY projects a lot more appealing? Then you got the perfect article today. We have gathered the best 3D lace fabric you will surely fall in love with.

1. S3Lcraft African Velvet Lace Fabric Sequins Lace

Material 3D Feather Embroidery Nigerian Fabrics for Wedding $264.99

There is nothing more glamorous than having the perfect lace fabric for your dress or gown. This intricately designed lace fabric is ideal for lady dresses, scarfs, gowns, wedding dresses, evening dresses, and much more.

2. Colorful 3D Flower Embroidery Patches Bridal Lace

This nice lace fabric is made from 100% polyester and measures about 38cm*25cm/14.9"*9.8". You will love using it for your wedding dress, scrapbooking, card making, dolls, hair bows, gifts, bags, and much more.

3. SELCRAFT H606 45130cm Organza Fabric

3D Flower Gold Lace $12.99

made from organza and lace, this nice lace fabric measures about 45x130cm. It is ideal for hair bow making, vintage sewing, invitation cards, paper crafts, decorating gift baskets, and much more.

4. Beaded Flower Sequence lace

Applique Motif Sewing Bridal Wedding 3in1 A5 3D $15.99

With its delicate 3D design, it is recommended that you do not iron or machine wash this lace fabric. It is ideal for neckline collars, bridal waist belts, bridal veils, and much more.

5. LaceQin 5 Yards 3D Swiss Yarn Lace

Wedding African Lace Fabric French Royal $46.77

Made from 100% polyester, this nice and intricate design lace fabric measures about 5 yards (180 inches). Width: 49-51 inch. You can easily use it for your clothes, skirts, shawls, scarves, curtain ornaments, tablecloths, and much more.

6. Aisunne African Lace Fabrics

5 Yards Nigerian French Lace Fabric White with 3D Flower Fashion Embroidered Beading and Sequin $82.69

If you are in search of a 3D lace fabric made from 100% polyester then this one is for you. It has measurements of Length 5 Yards (180 inches). Width: 50 inch. It is great for skirts, shawls, scarves, and other Fashion Apparel.

7. Red 3D Red Embroidered Fabric

Rose Flower Venise Lace $8.59

With this versatile 3D lace fabric, you can make any simple dresses and other projects truly attractive. You can easily place it on the collar of your favorite blouse and shirt and more.

8. Yalulu Flower 3D Chiffon Lace Trim

5 Yards Ribbon $12.99

Since it is made from chiffon material, you can easily make use of this nice and dainty lace fabric. Great for fashion clothing, accessories, dolls, bridal wedding apparel, craft projects, and much more.

9. 3D Chiffon Flower Lace Trim

1 Yard Ribbon Cotton Leaves Fringed Edge $3.99

Do you wish to make your simple dress more beautiful? Then why not put some of these nice 3D lace fabric products on it. It measures about 6.2*10.2cm(2.45*4.02inches), the width of flower: 5cm(1.97") and made from cotton and lace.

10. Tong Gu 3D Rose Flower Lace Fabric

51 x 39.4 inch Mesh Embroidery Sequins $19.99

This nice 3D lace fabric is made from imported materials like Polyester, lace, mesh, and sequins. It measures about a width of 51 inches/130 cm, length 39.4 inches/100 cm, and is perfect for dresses and gowns.

11. Navy Blue Embroidered Lace

3D Floral Flowers on Mesh Prom Fabric Sold by The Yard $26.99

This nice lace fabric is made from mesh and lace. It is perfect not only for formal attire and dresses but also for curtains, tablecloths, and other DIY projects.

12. Flower Diamond Voile 3D Lace

5 Edge Trim Ribbon $3.99

Made from Polyester, Cotton, and Lace, this nice 3D lace fabric will surely make your dress and gowns truly amazing. It is also ideal for clothing, costume, dress, curtain DIY sewing, and much more.

13. 3D Raised Fabric Fluffy Soft Ruffle

Chiffon Rosette Design Allover on Mesh Fabric $13.99

This nice lace fabric is made from 100% Polyester which makes it versatile. It is ideal not only for gowns and dresses but also for children’s clothing.

14. Aisunne African Lace Fabrics

5 Yards Nigerian French Lace Fabric 3D Butterfly $79.88

It has measurements of Length 5 Yards (180 inches). Width: 52 inches and made from imported 100% polyester. With its delicate lace design, it is perfect for Party Wedding dresses, skirts, shawls, scarves, and much more.

15. 3D Flower Lace Applique Wide Border

Decorative Ribbon Trim $8.99

This nice 3D lace fabric is made from diamond, diamond claw, and acrylic beads. You can use it for your gowns and formal attire.

16. Stunning Blossom Lace Fabric

3D Flower Embroidery Vines Lace by The Yard $43.99

It has measurements of Length:1 yard(36 inches) Width: 59 inches and is made from imported tulle and lace. This 3D lace fabric exquisite design lace fabric is perfect for wedding dresses, prom party dresses, dance costumes, floor-length Veil, and much more.

17. Milylace 3D Floral African Lace Fabric

5 Yards Nigerian Embroidered Mesh Lace Fabric with Beads $56.00

This intricate lace fabric is made from high-quality Polyester, lace, and mesh. It has measurements of Length:5 Yards (180 inches). Width: 51-53 inch. Great for fashionable wedding dresses shirts skirts shawls scarves, pillowcases, and much more.

18. USIX Lace Applique Floral Embroidered Motif

3D Flower Sewing Applique Rhinestone Embellishment $16.50

Since this nice lace fabric is made from 100% polyester, you will find it using a lot easier compared to other lace fabrics. It is perfect for wedding dresses, nightdresses, dance dresses, skirts, clothes, and much more.

19. S3LCRAFT Blue African Sequins Lace Fabric

Nigerian Mesh Lace Fabric for Wedding 3D Sequins Lace Fabric $134.99

Made from imported materials, this lace fabric is soft to touch and skin-friendly. You will enjoy using it for your skirts, shawls, scarves, pillowcases, tablecloths, curtains, African handbag shoes, and much more.

20. SELCRAFT 3D Pearl Beaded Flower Lace Trim

1 Yard in White $36.99

It is made from Cotton, Spandex, and Lace which makes it soft to touch and skin friendly. You will love it for your hair bow making, vintage sewing, invitation cards, paper crafts, and much more.


Adding the right kind of 3D lace fabric will make your dress and gowns more attractive. This list will help you find the right lace fabric that will match your fashion statement.