General Introduction

Cozylace is a professional wedding solution provider, which is able to customize everything you need for wedding party. From wedding dress, bow tie, rings to small decorations. When you are looking for a theme wedding party or special anniversary, Cozylace should be your first choice.

You should prepare everything for the special moment with all your efforts, but it is still difficult to make all the decorations as the theme. What should you then? Just leave everything to Cozylace. Cozylace has tens of thousands of excellent supplies for wedding, holiday, ceremony and anniversary. But if you need something special, you can get the customize service.

Just take the wedding party for example, you might want a pinky wedding party as a princess. But the lace trims; bow ties, candles or other wedding supplies might only available in white. Even if you get something pinky, it might not suit for the party. Cozylace provides the professional solution as for the case.

About Our Team

Professional services to make the moment special. Cozylace does not only provides customize wedding supplies, but has many manufacturers to ensure a competitive price. What is more, Cozylace has a professional team for designing, customer service and custom clearance. We just do everything to make things wonderful.

Of course, as a wedding solution provider, we do not only provide wedding supplies, but also services, such as designing and handmade artworks. Just imagine you can get everything match with one stop solution for your wedding, it should be an excited experience.