How to Custom and DIY Washi Tape in Creative Ways

If you like handmade stuff, then washi tape is not a familiar noun to you, right? You can see many creative ideas to decorate with washi tape from various blogs and pictures. There is no requirement where or how to use washi tape. Thus, you can put washi tape on pens, books, cards, wrapped gifts, or furniture.

Then here comes the question, where to custom washi tape with a specific pattern? You can buy all kinds of washi tapes from Amazon, Etsy, and many other online and local stores. What’s more, there are many popular custom washi tape manufacturers. However, it is not a good idea to get expensive washi tapes with limited variations.

Since washi tape is a material for decoration, why don’t you DIY washi tape with the pattern, color, or fabric you like? You can save a lot of money by making washi tape by yourself! Though you may not custom washi tapes that are printed onto the paper tape directly.

Part 1: How to DIY Washi Tape with Double-sided Tape

You can turn patterned napkins, tissue paper, or other decorative fabric into homemade washi tapes. Well, this section will show you how to DIY washi tape with double-sided tape. Just read and follow.

Things you need to prepare:

Double-sided tape, scissors, wax/parchment paper, cardboard tube, decorative paper, or fabric.

Step 1: Cut the paper and wax paper into long strips

Use a pair of scissors to cut the pattern paper or fabric you prepare into a long strip. It’s OK about the width of the strip. Later, cut a long strip of wax paper. Now you need to make sure the width should be double or tripple than the previous strip.

Step 2: Stick double-sided tape to wax paper

Place the double-sided tape on the top of the wax paper. Then fold the wax or parchment paper length-wise. You can find that the sandwiched one completely. Press firmly to stick the tape to one side of the parchment paper. Now you have a backing used to paste washi tape to other things.

Step 3: Custom washi tape

Put the paper or fabric strip on the top of the tape. Then trim down with your scissors carefully. To keep a long strip of washi tape, you can cut the cardboard into the width of your washi tape. Then wrap the tape around to DIY washi tape roll. Well, you can also use a string or tape to fix the washi tape roll.

Next time if you want to use washi tape, you can peel off the wax paper backing and stick it to any place. Moreover, you can make Japanese washi tape and other themes in the same way mentioned above.

Part 2: How to Make Washi Tape with Regular Tape

You can also DIY washi tape without double-sided tape. By using washi tape and other materials, you can make creative washi tape as well. The regular washi tape can consist of the washi tape maker too.

The supplies to DIY washi tape:

Wax/parchment paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, single-sided tape, paper or fabric you like, white craft glue, paintbrush.

Step 1: Stick tape to the paper

Put a piece of non-stick parchment paper on the table. Then lay your tape with the sticky side down on the paper. You can find that the tape sticks onto the paper. It is easy to peel off.

Step 2: Squeeze the glue on the tape

Use a ruler and pencil to mark the edge of the tape. As a result, you can see where your washi tape is easy. Later, flip the parchment paper to make the single-sided tape face up. Squirt some glue in a zig-zag pattern on the washi tape. It’s OK if you want to draw other washi tape patterns with glue. Use your brush to spread the glue carefully. Be aware that you should not sweat the paper.

Step 3: Make washi tape DIY

Now press the pattern paper or fabric on the glue-covered tape gently. Do not leave any bubble or paste the wrong side. Then use your fingers to smooth out the surface from the back. To dry out the tape, you can heat it with your hairdryer for few seconds. Be careful do not to overheat it. Wait until the glue dries. Later, you can cut along the line you drew before with the scissors.

After that, you can decorate the custom washi tape rolls with any project. Well, it is a way to delight objects into fashionable designs.

Tips and Tricks to Custom Washi Tape with All Shapes and Themes

What if you want to make a washi tape in customized shape, like heart, square, circle, star, and more? If you cannot find a wide enough washi tape in the market, then you can make it manually at home in cheap ways instead. There are detailed steps of how to DIY washi tapes with or without double-sided tapes. You can replace the washi tape with a wider one, like packing tape and more. Then use your scissors to cut the shape you like.

What’s more, here is another way you can try to custom print washi tape, as well as other handmade ones. You can take a strip of washi tape on the parchment paper. And then add a new one but overlap the edge slightly. Repeat it until you create the perfect shape. Of course, you can put different colors and fabrics of washi tapes together. Then draw your design on the back to cut along the lines you drew.

Do you want to turn your favorite patterns into a unique washi tape? If so, you can do as above paragraphs to DIY washi tape at home at no cost. Well, if you have all those materials prepared already. Whenever you encounter any problem with washi tape, feel free to contact us.