Wedding Balloon – 6 Best Methods to Custom Balloons for Your Wedding Party

If you want to have different series of wedding balloons for your party, what should you do? When you purchase orders from Amazon stores, you might be frustrated with the various sizes, materials, weights, and more. To make your wedding party-perfect, how do you custom wedding balloons? Just learn more about the 5 best methods from the article.

Part 1: 3 Methods to Personalize Wedding Balloons with Printing

Customing wedding balloons with printing should be the easiest and most economical method. Here are the 3 most frequently used ways you should take into consideration.

1. Draw the Wedding Balloons with an Ink Pen

Sakura Extra Fine Pen Touch is one of the best choices to draw wedding balloons. Of course, you need to choose the ink pen according to the original colors and sizes of the balloons.


1. Draw your pattern without any restriction or design.

2. Ask anyone to custom the wedding balloons easily.


1. Not convenient to custom the balloons at the wedding party.

2. Pay special attention to the ink that might damage your dress.

2. Stick the Wedding Balloons with Scotch Washi Tape

Stick the wedding balloons with transparent scotch tapes is an easy method to make them special. Just order some custom washi tapes or choose your favorite scotch shapes beforehand.


1. Search for the desired pattern or even print it by yourself easily.

2. Enable you to control and manage the washi tapes and balloons.


1. Cannot stick the scotch tapes to all the wedding balloons.

2. Take time to stick the transparent tapes to the balloons.

3. Custom the Wedding Balloons with Printing

When you want to have a purple theme wedding party and need to customize wedding balloons with a purple background and white printings, you have to ask the printing balloons from some online services.


1. Customize the fonts, sizes, languages, and more other parameters.

2. Make the wedding balloons to go with everything at your party.


1. Need to communicate with the service to get the satisfactory one.

2. Cost much more if you need a few custom wedding balloons.

Part 2: 3 Professional Methods to Custom Wedding Balloons

The painting balloons only provide the basic requirements. What should you do to custom them with different shapes, materials, and colors? Here is the detailed process you should know.

4. Personalize Wedding Balloons with a Certain Shape

If you want to personalize a series of wedding balloons, such as the lovely puppies at your party, you can still find some items from Amazon. But how about a series of animals? Do you need to purchase balloons from different stores? How to custom wedding balloons for shapes?

Step 1: Select the patterns you have found in Amazon, Pinterest, or other online stores. If possible, you can save the pictures to your hard driver or a smartphone.

Step 2: Take some photos of the desired patterns you want to custom. You can have some editing for them. After that, you can send them to the online service for personalization.

Step 3: Communicate with the designer about the sizes, the materials, and more other parameters. It might take two or more weeks to get the desired wedding balloons.

5. Choose Materials for the Custom Wedding Balloons

Besides the basic wedding balloons made of latex, there are more and more balloons with new materials, such as rubber, plastic, etc. When you need the wedding balloons for the evening party, you may also need the LED components. Here is the detailed process you should know.

Step 1: When you want to custom transparent bobo wedding balloons for the evening party, you should know the size, the led light, the battery, as well as the insider materials.

Step 2: Of course, you can also add printings, including texts and images with the desired size and color. After that, you need to know the minimum balloon numbers with the service beforehand.

Step 3: For the bobo wedding balloons need some batteries, you might not receive them from the carrier service. Learn more about the details and prepare everything well before the party.

6. Custom Wedding Balloons with Your Favorite Color

Once you have already selected the desired shapes, sizes, and materials, you might also need to choose a suitable color. If you only provide the colors, such as Mint Green, Teal, Chrome Green, Gold, Gold Confetti, you might not get the exact color when you receive the order.

Step 1: Different from the other methods to custom wedding balloons, you should know the exact color for the items. If you cannot get the details, you can find the desired color from any photo.

Step 2: You should know the color for the inflated balloon is much lighter than the original color. Check the details and make sure the color of the balloon can go with your wedding party.

Step 3: Once you have already personalized the order, you can even ask the customer to take photos before making all items. It makes sure you can get the desired color.


When you want to make the desired wedding balloons, it is the ultimate guide you should know. If you need some printing on the balloons, you can get an ink pen or use some washi tapes to custom wedding balloons as your requirement. As for personalizing the printings, shapes, materials, and even colors, you can learn more about the best methods from the article.