15 Washi Tape Wall Art Ideas You Can Choose for Home Décor

If you want to create a beautiful home at budget prices, then washi tape wall art is a good idea. You can DIY any shape or element you like into the plain wall or furniture freely. What’s more, you can also decorate your cards, notebooks, phones, computers, or other stuff with the left colorful washi tapes quickly.

There are many kinds of washi tapes in the market. Furthermore, you can also DIY washi tape with patterns or fabrics you like to save money too. Well, everybody can custom washi tape designs with ease. So it’s OK if you have no experience of decorating tape for walls before. Now, let’s read together to get some inspiration.

Part 1: Is Washi Tape Safe for Walls

Washi tape is not as sticky as tapes. It is easily removable. So when you want to change other decorations, you can peel off washi tape from the wall without leaving a mark. Well, if you are not sure, here are some tips that can protect your painted walls.

  • Do not use nails while pasting washi tape wall decorations.
  • DIY washi tape designs on a hard and thick surface.
  • Choose some removable adhesive washi tape.

What’s more, keep your washi tape art dry as not all washi tapes are waterproof. Once you spill coffee or other liquid, you had better use cotton fabric to absorb it immediately.

Part 2: Top 15+ Creative Washi Tapes Ideas for Walls

Have no idea how to put washi tape on your wall? Here are some easy ways you can follow. Just read and check those washi tape wall ideas to get your favorite one.

1. Washi Tape Monogram Art

You can DIY washi tape letters on the wall directly. Well, it is also supported to create washi tape monogram art with a picture frame, and then hang it on the wall. Just make sure whether its color matches or not.

2. Washi Tape Wall Frame

You can add some straight lines around your poster to create borders. Well, black washi tape is the top choice. You can add something new to make the washi tape wall art colorful too.

3. Chevron Wall Art Using Washi Tape

You can pencil the outline before making washi tape chevron wall-art. Later, prepare some tapes and then stick them on the card stock. In addition, you can leave a couple of mm gap between each washi tape strip.

4. Cross Stitch in Different Washi Tape Patterns

By combining cross stitches into the shape you like, you can add some washi tape arts on the wall. And you can draw any washi tape wall pattern with ease.

5. Washi Tape Shadowbox

If you have some trumpet shells or models, you can create a unique shadow box to display those things. Well, use washi tape to decorate the blank background in the way you like.

6. Pop Flower Art with Washi Tape

You can use some colorful washi tapes to design flowers on the wall you used to do in kindergarten. You'd better apply washi tape flower designs to varying heights.

7. Washi Tape Window

If there is no window in your room, you can make a washi tape window by yourself! Just draw a sketch lightly with a pencil first. Later, you can tape it along with it to DIY washi tape wall art.

8. Painted Washi Tape Words

Most washi tapes have straight edges. So you can create something creative by using this feature. Just paint around the washi tape and wait until it dries. Later, you can peel it off to DIY washi tape canvas wall-art quickly.

You can use washi tape to draw paper airplanes on your wall from one corner. Well, show the track if you want. Furthermore, you can DIY washi tape bicycles, cars, or other vehicles you like on the wall.

10. Geometric Washi Tape Wall Art

You can create many funny geometrical shapes using straight lines only. There is no limitation of size, color, or shape towards your washi tape wall art. Just explore your creativity on the wall right now.

11. Honeycomb Wall Decal

So how to DIY honeycomb wall decal on the wall? To start with, you can prepare a hexagon card into the size you need. Later, you can put trims around it to make the washi tape design successfully.

12. Washi Tape Calendar Wall Art

It is super easy to make a wall calendar. What’s more, you can paste some tips or notes to remind yourself. Moreover, other adhesive decorations are also welcome.

13. Washi Tape Headboard Wall Designs

Yes, you can also add washi tape designs to your bedroom. Heartbeat monitor, mountain, and other simple line-drawings are popular. The dimmed lights can add more special atmospheres to your washi tape wall pattern.

14. Oversized Confetti Mural with Washi Tape

Just prepare washi tapes in several colors and trims. Then you can paint your wall endlessly. Well, confetti washi tape wall designing is also a good substitute for wallpaper at cheap costs.

15. Washi Tape Cactus Wall Art

You can do a quick sketch on the wall with open source. Later, tear off washi tapes into small pieces and place them into the cactus shape from the bottom. Well, put some buds on the top to add more color.

16. Washi Coat Tree Wall Art

Want to DIY a coat rack at home within 15 minutes? You can get a little cost tree with washi tape and clear command hooks directly. Remember that you should not put too heavy clothes on this washi tape wall-coated tree.

17. Family Washi Tape Card Tree

If you want to create a festive atmosphere, then a washi tree with photos and cards about families is a good idea. You can also add some red glitter stars, tinsel garland, and others together.

These are the best washi tape for walls creations. If you have any other good ideas for DIY washi tape wall art, please don’t hesitate to contact us.