25 Splendid Ideas to Use Silk Ribbon on Your Amazing Wedding

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25 Splendid Ideas to Use Silk Ribbon on Your Amazing Wedding

Silk Ribbon Wedding

Silk ribbons can be used in many aspects. If you pay more attention to your life, then you can find many cases. For instance, you will tie silk ribbons on the gift before giving to your friend, right? Moreover, many people use silk ribbons as hair bands in different colors.

As for wedding decorations, there are many silk ribbon accessories you can make by yourself.  Well, it is also a good way to save money by making silk ribbon embroidery patterns manually. Have no idea how to DIY silk ribbon projects for wedding? You can read and get inspired with the following paragraphs.

Silk Ribbon Decorations – 20+ Ideas of Decorating with Ribbons for Wedding

1. Wrap A Wedding Bouquet with Silk Ribbon

No matter you use fresh garden flowers or silk plants, you need to tie them up. During this time, using silk ribbon can be your first choice. What’s more, you can tie a tailing ribbon with your wedding bouquet.

Silk Ribbon Boluquet

2. Tie Silk Ribbon with Ceremony Programs

You can tie wedding programs with satin ribbon. Just make sure you are using your wedding color, or you just go neural for a classic look.

Tie Ribbon with Ceremony Programs

3. Drape Silk Ribbon with Aisles and Stairways

Just tie a bow with ribbon on aisle and stairway. By doing so, you can turn standard stairways into more ethereal with swags of ribbon. What’s more, you can add silk flowers, balloons and other decorations.

Drape Silk Ribbon with Aisle and Stairway

4. Beribboned Lightning Fixtures

Simply trail long lengths of ribbon from lightning fixtures like chandeliers and more. Thus, trailing ribbons can create a romantic effect to your wedding.

Beribboned Lightning Fixtures

5. Tie Seating Cards with Silk Ribbon

Actually, you can use silk ribbon to create luxurious atmosphere to your celebration. Just affix reception seating cards to tree branches with long trailing ribbon.

Tie Seating Cards with Ribbon

6. Use Silk Ribbon as Seating Embellishment

Have you ever noticed that your reception chairs are monotonous? Well, you can embellish with silk ribbons and greenery to make them pretty.

Seating Embellishment with Silk Ribbon

7. Decorate Wedding Cake Using Silk Ribbon

Yes, you can emphasize stacked tiers of your wedding cake with ribbons. Well, flowers are also welcome. In addition, it is also a good way to add color and texture.

Wedding Cake Decoration Ribbon

8. Tie Up Hair with Silk Ribbon

Well, you can use dyed silk ribbon as hair decoration too. There are many ways to tie bows or other shapes you like. Furthermore, you can rock ribbon in your hair in daily life as well.

Rock Hair with Silk Ribbon

9. Add Silk Ribbon on the End of Veil Edges

Silk and satin ribbons can be used in bridal veils, wedding dresses and others associated with weddings. As a result, you can make common stuff to be more eye-catching and gorgeous.

Bridal Veil Silk Ribbon

10. Homemade Ribbon and Bell Wands

Silk ribbons and wedding bells are quite easy for beginners. You just need to prepare personalized ribbons and jingle bells. Then tie them together in a double knot.

Ribbon and Wedding Bells

11. Ring Pillow with Ribbon-Embellished

You can use silk ribbon to decorate the linen ring cushion. Well, just sew the yellow ribbon swerves and curves down its center.

Ring Pillow with Ribbon Embellished

12. Rickrack Ribbon Bouquet

Use ribbons and rickrack in different widths and weaves to create blooms. You can create a bouquet with varieties of textures, sizes and shapes.

Rickrack Ribbon Bouquet

13. Headbands Sewed with Silk Ribbon

Those bedazzled-ribbon headbands can work as your necklaces and sashes. There is no need to sew or get help from a seamstress. You can use fabric glue to solve the problem perfectly.

Headbands Sewed with Silk Ribbon

14. Ankle Bows with Ribbon

By lacing a satin ribbon around your ankles, you can turn your bridesmaids step lively, just like slipping into nude pumps.

Ankle Bows

15. Bow Belt with Silk Ribbon

You can do one more step with silk ribbon to keep bridesmaids looking uniforms. Just use ribbons as sashes to cinch suits.

Bow Belt with Ribbon

16. Ribbon Boutonniere Accessories

Pinning ribbon lapel accessories is quite dashing and downright. Just make sure you choose the silk ribbon that matches your wedding theme.

Ribbon Boutonniere

17. Tuxedo Bow

Using fabric glue to attach a metal-thread tassel to a tuxedo-style bow is a good way. So you can try something different on groomsmen.

Tuxedo Bow

18. Ribbon Nosegay

With ribbon nosegay or other fabric blossoms, you can be festive while restrained. Well, just pin a silk ribbon nosegay to the groomsman’s lapel or a ring bearer.

Ribbon Nosegay

19. Medallion Bow

Then you can DIY a bow in medallion shape and attach it as a boutonniere. What’s more, you can glue it to vases as centerpiece vessels to dress up.

Medallion Bow

20. Drink Flags

Flag silk ribbons with swizzle sticks to make them colorful. Well, wooden sticks and ribbons are good companions. Be aware that you need to trim wooden skewers a few inches taller than glasses.

Drink Flags

21. Hanging Ribbon Rosettes

You can combine several handmade rosettes with flowers, dishes and other decorations together in the similar color. These soft orbs can recall clouds sailing across a blue sky, and shape followers like white peonies in the centerpieces.

Ribbon Rosettes

22. Woven Tabletop Décor

Simply weave lengths of grosgrain ribbon on your table. Then you can put hydrangeas and viburnums like a hedgerow on the tabletop. Well, check if colors are matched.

Woven Tabletop Decor

23. Wrap Branch Centerpieces with Blooms

Just stitch blooms in seam binding for a minimalist look. Actually, it can create the maximum appeal. Well, less is more.

Branch Centerpieces

24. Napkin Rosettes

Do not forget to dress up your dinner napkins. A festive rosette made from satin ribbon is a good choice for you.

Napkin Rosettes

25. Ribbon-Looped Favor Bags

So which bag will you choose to hold party gifts? Well, simple and beautiful beribboned cornflower-colored bags are popular choices.

Gift Bag with Ribbon Handle

As a result, you do not need to go to silk ribbon Amazon or local shops in high prices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other good ideas of silk ribbon accessories and decorations. Of course, you can also share your experience in the comments below.

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