White Lace Trim with Symmetrical Caret Choker

White Vintage Eyedrop Lace Trim Choker
White Vintage Eyedrop Lace Trim Choker
December 23, 2013
White Lace Trim with Bilateral Triangle Choker

White lace trim with symmetry triangle choker is a special handmade item for wedding party. It uses a thin white lace trim with pearl in metal lobster hook. What is important, when you choose the design lace pattern, you can get the wedding choker done in DIY within 5 or 10 minutes. It is such a simple choker for wedding with elegant design, which you only need to about 20$ to design for all the bride maids.


White Lace Trim with Symmetry Caret Choker


White Lace Trim, Metal Lobster Hook, Pearl


Step 1: Measure your neck size, you can wrap the measuring tape around your neck, and then you can get the size of the neck to decide the size of the lace trim.

Step 2: Fold down the lace trim to get the central point, which you can sew the pearl to the center of the lace trim, except for pearl, you can also add diamond or other accessories.

Step 3: Clamp on the metal lobster hook tightly, and then you can have a try for the white lace trim for your wedding party. That is really simple, right?