How to Make Different Lace By Yourself

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January 18, 2017
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How to Make Different Lace By Yourself

Make Lace

When you prepare your own wedding party, lace is a common decoration for the festival. If you want to make everything perfect, you should know how to make different laces by yourself. Especially the elegant lace for your wedding dress should be the most memorable gift for your whole life.

However, you might not unfamiliar with the process for lace making, even if they have seen many beautiful images of Lace. The article will introduce you some basic knowledge about lace and how to make laces with detailed information.

Part 1: The History of Lace Making

Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern. It was first worn as an adornment since the 15th Century. The lace (bobbin lace) originally developed in Italy and Flanders. Ever since, the lace making become popular for the royals, especially French King Louis XIV, the Sun King. Another famous example is Queen Victoria, which leads the fashion for wedding as Queen Victoria bride gown. In the 19th century in North America, missionaries spread the knowledge of lace making to the Native American tribes.

Now lace become more and more popular for ordinary people, from Anna Sui Romantique, Jimmy Choo Navy Lace Pointy Toe Pumps, or even the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013, you can find different types lace fabric are used in our daily lives.

Dolce & Gabbana

Part 2: 20 Different Types of Lace

There are many different varieties of lace available today. Needle lace and bobbin lace should be the lace types according to the methods for lace making. Actually there are other types of lace trim you should know as the following chart.

Lace Category

Features of the Lace Fabric

Allover or Embroidered Net Delicate embroidery done on a mesh background. The floral designs are all over the fabric.
Chantilly Lace Outlined with silk threads done on a net background. The scalloped edges of this fabric make the edges look beautiful.
Alencon lace Beautiful lace fabric with a net background, raised motifs with beads and cords embellishing the lace fabric.
Venise Lace Heavy raised design with floral or geometric, silky thread connects the motifs in this lace.
Lace Applique Single motifs separately other than as a whole fabric, which are then appliqued on to any other type of fabric.
Insertion Lace Stitched between two fabrics, with Two edges of this lace are the same, so they can be layered on top of fabrics.
Swiss Entredeux It is a cotton batiste strip with holes spaced evenly. The Swiss Entredeux laces are used between lace and the fabric.
Crocheted Lace The Irish Crocheted lace should be a popular handmade lace, which is intricate elegant and beautiful.
Tatting Lace Because the lace are created with fine yarn and the shuttle, with looping and knotting processing of tatting.
Tassle Lace Trim Lace made in cotton or nylon with tassels all along the edge. It’s a type of fringe lace. Tassels are fringes knotted at one end.
Ribbon Pass Lace Known as pillow lace, is a method of making lace by weaving threads held on bobbins and pinning on top of a pillow.
Cotton Beading Lace Beading done on one side of the cotton lace trim, which is popular for embroidered on different fabrics.
Metallic Beaded Lace Different from the cotton beading lace, it uses the metallic lace trim for the lace pattern instead.
Elastic Lace Stretch lace and is used widely as embellishments for garments and wedding bride.
Smocked Lace Smocked lace has rows of smocking on, which is suitable for garment and home decoration.
Gathered Lace Just as the name of the lace trim, you can find the gathered lace fabric because one edge of the lace trim is gathered.
Ric Rac Lace Lace in a zig-zag pattern usually made in cotton, silk and metallic and used as accents, edging, insertion in a seam.
Broderie Anglaise With eyelets and cutworks making it look very much lace like. You can call it an embroidered lace made in cotton.
Nylon Lace Synthetic lace, which is commonly used because it is more affordable than those made from naturally woven fibers.
Galloon Lace Chantilly lace trim which has both the edges scalloped is known as Galloon Lace.

Part 3: How to Stitch and Make Lace

Since there are different types of lace trims, the article just take Bobbin lace for example. The method of making lace by weaving threads held on bobbins and pinning them on top of a pattern pinned to a pillow. Here I will introduce you some basic steps to make easy Bobbin lace.

Material needed: strings, bobbins, straight pins, patterns, etc.

Step 1: Print the pattern or use the pattern paper on the pillow. Since the lace pattern is the most important part for making lace, you should make sure it is clear enough. And then put the straight pins to the knot as below.

Print pattern

Step 2: Tie pairs of bobbins to pins together, you can use the knots from the starting braids with small knots post. In the way, you can make lace more durable for the whole stitch project.

Knot Method

Step 3: Just use the same method to stitch laces to pins, make sure to start with a bobbin twist for each pair and do not forget to double twist the edges. Follow the instruction for the first row of pins.

Start Stitch

Step 4: Now put another pin in the knot, and then twist the pin from the related pins with bobbins. Since there are pairs of bobbins to the pin, you can make it as a new start point.

Make Ribbon lace

Step 5: Continue the method until you make lace to the end point. And then you can release the pins and tie the end bobbins. You can get a perfect bobbin lace from the simple material now.

End Point

Part 4: How to Make Delicate Lace Trim

When come to the delicate lace trim, it should be impossible to make lace trim all by yourself. What you have to do is designing the patterns for the lace trim, the manufactory will do the left things for lace making automatically.

Step 1: Contact with the pattern of the lace trim, you can also ask for the design from cozylace directly.

Step 2: Once you confirm the detailed information for the lace with cozylace, the manufacturer will make the lace trim according to your requirement within the schedule period.

Of course, you can also check out the delicate lace trim from the shop of cozylace. When you find some favorite lace, you can make an order for the lace directly without customization.


When you need to make lace for your wedding party or garment, you should know more detailed information about the different patterns for lace first. And then you can check out the methods about how to make lace. Even if you want to customize the lace, you can get help from the website directly. If you have any other query about the topic, you can make comments in the article now.

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