15 Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses for a Perfect Wedding Day

Shopping for the perfect bridal gown to wear on your wedding day can be quite tricky. There are different kinds of wedding gowns today. You can choose from vintage, Boho to modern and sexy gowns. There are also various kinds of fabrics to love such as satin, chiffon, tulle, and of course, laces. These fabrics are timeless and classic that will surely create a stunning long sleeve wedding dress in no time.

If you are the kind of bride who is in the vintage era then you will love a long sleeve lace wedding dress. The snug fit or flowy lace sleeves will certainly make you feel like a royal. Read on as we share with you some amazing long sleeve lace wedding dresses that could make your wedding dream come true.

1. Ivory Blush Vintage Style Long Sleeves Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $463.00+

When you wish for a modest yet vintage wedding dress then this will do magic on you. It has a lacey wrap top with a deep V-neckline to emphasize your figure even more. This long sleeve lace wedding dress is graceful and delicate at the same time. One of the best choices for a church wedding.

2. Chiffon and Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $840.00

With all laced up top and soft chiffon bottom, this long sleeve lace wedding dress is both beautiful and classic. Both front and back have deep V-neckline features with chiffon sleeves and lace. This wedding gown will make an amazing statement.

3. Elegant Scoop Mermaid Wedding Dress

Price: $249.99+

One of the best features of many wedding gowns is by having a mermaid’s bottom. The sexy twist and flowy fabrics afterward create an ethereal effect on the bride as she walks down the aisle. This long sleeve lace wedding dress has elegant see-through sleeves adorned with lace applique. A wedding gown is perfect for any bride who wishes to make her special day extraordinary.

4. Vintage Boho Lace Bridal Dress

Price: $149.99+

With a deep V-neckline both in front and back and a corset type top adorned with lacey appliques, this long sleeve lace wedding dress is fit for a queen. The delicate and intricate lace details will make heads turn. Such a wedding dress to remember!

5. Elegant Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $295.94

All laced up top with a deep V-Neckline makes this long sleeve lace wedding dress a wedding dress dream come true. See-through applique lace sleeves will leave amazement to your guests. This is a kind of wedding gown to behold!

6. Cathedral Long Sleeve Lace Bridal Gown

Price: $369.99+

Exquisitely cathedral long train wedding gown is the ideal bridal dress for any church wedding. The lacey workmanship is elegant and timeless. Deep V-neckline and applique sleeves finished by a long lacey train creates this stunning bridal gown of the year! It is one of the most loved long sleeve lace wedding dresses today.

7. Gold Lace White Ball Gown

Price: $471.00+

Are you in search of the best wedding dress for your special day? Embellished with sequins and crystal beads, this long sleeve lace wedding dress will make you shine and sparkle. It has an A-Line bottom cascading down on the floor creating a flowy skirt. What could you ask for when you already have the most elegant wedding gown today, right?

8. Ivory A-Line Lace Wedding Gown

Price: $841.50+

The nude-colored corset top embellished with beaded guipure, lace and sequins make this long sleeve lace wedding dress classic and romantic. Its delicate belt is made from Swarovski crystals. The A-Line bottom is flowy made from shiny embellishments and soft fabric. Skin-friendly and stunning!

9. Fitted Illusion Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $633.00

Floor-length with train, scalloped edges adorned with floral lace appliques and satin and tulle fabric make this long sleeve lace wedding dress magical. The snug fit sleeves with flower lace patterns will empathize with the shape of your arms even more creating a sexier you. This wedding dress is not only perfect for a church wedding but you can surely wear it for your dream beach wedding as well.

10. Celtic Fairy Lacey Bridal Gown

Price: $527.64

The simple neckline and pattern made this long sleeve lace wedding dress elegant. Just like a swan wing, the flowy sleeves will softly kiss the wind as you walk down the aisle. All laced up bodice with cotton underneath for complete comfort. The perfect wedding dress for summer.

11. High Collar Satin Lace Wedding Gown

Price: $1,081.41

Looking for a perfect way to wow your groom and guests on your wedding day? This all-laced-up bodice finished with full satin skirt bottom will make this special day truly unforgettable. Its elegant lace patterns created a stunning top that will enhance your figure even more. Such a flawless long sleeve lace wedding dress!

12. Low Back Lacey Bridal Dress

Price: $799.00

Creating a sexy and sophisticated look on your wedding day can be quite hard. The key here is to get the perfect wedding dress. Deep V-neck low back adorned with exquisite and intricate 3d floral lace patterns finished with boho open back is the most ideal long sleeve lace wedding dress for any bride who wishes to be a princess on her day.

13. Vintage Victorian Long Sleeve Lace Bridal Dress

Price: $413.13

There is nothing more elegant than a vintage Victorian-inspired wedding gown. With its soft chiffon and lace details, this long sleeve lace wedding dress is perfect for both church and beach weddings. Such a modest wedding gown indeed!

14. Lacey Princess Ball Gown

Price: $720.00

The full bottom adorned with embellishments and eyelash lace hemline will make any wedding dress breathtaking. Not to mention its see-through applique adorned sleeves and bodice. You will surely leave a statement with this elegant long sleeve lace wedding dress.

15. Grace Kelly Lace High Neck Ball Gown

Price: $1,406.46

The intricate laced-up bodice embellished with pearls, long sleeves adorned with flower appliques, and full tulle lacey skirt will be the talk of the town. The exquisite metarsilas and details say it all on this beautiful long sleeve lace wedding dress.