15 Lace Up Wedding Dresses for A Wedding Day to Remember

Since the 1600s, lace has been the perfect choice for any wedding dress. It signifies luxury and beauty. The intricate details and handiwork made laces more expensive and reserved only for royals and aristocrats a long time ago.

You will know that you are in the right place if you wish to have laces as one of the features on your wedding day. Lace-up wedding dresses are very much broad as you can see almost bridal dresses are made from laces. There are tons of kinds of laces and its application. Laces can be nostalgic, sexy, and romantic at the same time. This can be in the detailed form or just on the top or bottom part. You can go for a delicate lace or be bolder with graphic statement lace. You will love its endless options.

1. Raina Ethereal Bell Sleeves Bohemian Dress

Price: $979.92+

With this ethereal lace-up wedding dress, you will not only feel elegant but will bloom with grace. It has a unique exquisitely woven lace all over and a plunging V shape neckline with romantic bell sleeves. The flare and fit bodice silhouette complete this beautiful bridal gown.

2. Vintage Lace Straps Corset Closure Lace Up Wedding Dress

Price: $269.10

A complete contemporary lace-up wedding dress for a modern bride. It is something different from those traditional gowns. It has a sweetheart neckline to emphasize your chest, off the shoulder to show more skin, and a full lace bodice to complete. With this dress, you will be the most beautiful girl in the room!

3. Lux Wedding Dress with Off Shoulder Straps and Hand Beading

Price: $426.00+

If you wish to blow away your guests and your groom then this lace-up wedding dress will do the magic. With its romantic Off Shoulder Straps, exquisite Hand Beading with a Sweetheart Neckline, all lace-up Sheer Bodice with Boning, and Lace-Up Corset Back with Floral Applique Straps make this the perfect wedding dress.

4. Off The Shoulder Tulle Backless Wedding Dress

Price: $520.67+

There is nothing more important on your wedding day than to wear a dress that will not only make a statement but also be extremely comfortable. All lace-up wedding dress bodies, with a sweetheart neckline to highlight sexiness and tulle skirt with slit. What could you ask for more?

5. Strapless Fitted Lace-Up Wedding Dress

Price: $492.60

What makes this lace-up wedding dress extra special is its color combination of Ivory and Nude. Its body is made from full Lace, adorned with Floral Lace Appliques and shimmering Sequins finishing up with a Tulle full skirt. A wedding dress to remember.

6. Vintage Mermaid Wedding Dress

Price: $173.60

A vintage-inspired all-lace-up wedding dress is something every bride should wear on her special day. With lace-up and satin silk bodies, lacey off-shoulder, and mermaid bottom to create a stunning bridal look. An elegant bridal dress for an elegant bride.

7. Royal Cathedral Train Wedding Dress

Price: $1,600.00

A strapless wedding dress with a built-in corset and royal cathedral train finish is the wedding dress of the century. Embellished with Alencon lace on the bodice and bottom that created a breathtaking appeal. A lace-up wedding dress fit for a queen.

8. Romantic Sweetheart Neckline Bridal Gown

Price: $850.00

Emphasizing your figure on your wedding day should not be that hard. With its back all laced-up corset style, you will get the results you love. Off-shoulder with lacey and shimmering bodies will compliment the full tulle skirt for this all-lace-up wedding dress.

9. Princess Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Price: $589.99

With its elegant Cap Sleeve, intricate and delicate Lace Up Beading Pearls, and Appliques, this lace-up wedding dress is the perfect bridal gown for any girl who wishes to have a fairytale come true. With Embroidered Organza and Tulle bodies, everyone will be enchanted.

10. Floral Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $269.00+

Tulle, satin, and lace make this all-lace-up wedding dress a princess-like gown. It is created for a modern bride but still has the heart of a fairytale princess. The full tulle skirt will create a stunning effect as you walk down the aisle not to mention the floral design and patterns on the bodice.

11. Formal Ruffle Skirt Tea Length Wedding Dress

Price: $335.65

If you wish to wear a lace-up wedding dress but at the shorter side of the skirt then this beautiful and intricate design laced-up dress is for you. A tea-length bridal dress made from tulle and chiffon, sheer illusion design sleeves with a scoop neckline makes this wedding dress truly sophisticated.

12. Simple Beach Classic A-Line Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $525.00

A simple wedding dress should not be bland. Even a simple bridal gown could be the talk of the town. All made from lace and tulle, this lace-up wedding dress is the ideal beach gown. A sweetheart neckline with a full tulle skirt will make every mermaid on the beach jealous of its beauty.

13. Elegant Lace Embroidery Empire Wedding Dress

Price: $259.60+

If you are in search of the perfect church wedding dress then this all-lace-up wedding dress is for you. Off shoulder, thin lacey neckline, and tulle and satin floor-length skirt will create a stunning yet solemn effect on your wedding day.

14. Golden Wrap Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $463.00+

A vintage and boho lace created this breathtaking all-lace-up wedding dress. With its V-neckline to highlight your collarbone and chest even more and Champagne color, you will be the bride of the year. Every guest and even your groom will never take their eyes off of you.

15. Ivory Blush Vintage Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $463.00+

This lace-up wedding dress may be vintage-inspired but it also has a modern effect. A complete refined look that speaks for comfort, fit, and elegance. With its lacey wrap top V-neckline, narrow lace sleeves, and floor-length lacey skirt, this bridal gown will create a memorable wedding day indeed.