15+ Fabulous and Creative DIY Laces Projects You Can Make Yourself in Minutes

Have no idea about creating stunning lace projects? Not know how to deal with old lace trims and ribbons? Wanna learn new ways to DIY lace crafts and decorations? If you do not know what to do with lace fabric, you are lucky to find this article.

It collects and organizes adorable DIY projects with all kinds of lace, and you can finish the whole process at home by yourself. As a result, you can turn some old stuff into new ones by decorating it with lace. Now, let’s take a glance at the following ideas.

Part 1: 5+ Creative Lace Ideas to DIY Charming Lace Projects on Your Clothes

In most people’s minds, the lace fabric is for making clothes. However, those lace clothes are expensive. And it is not difficult to add some lace elements to your clothes manually. Not sure to have a talent or not? You can find old clothes to DIY lace sewing projects.

1. Dress up a scarf with lace trim

You can pin the lace trim to the edge of your scarf with the sewing machine, just like the picture illustrated below. Well, it is also supported to cover your scarf with more lace fabric.

2. DIY Layered lace shorts

Prepare a pair of shorts and lace trim. You can use sewing pins or the sewing machine to DIY the lace shorts. Be patient to sew each layer in place. And you can decorate it with a sash.

3. Lace wedding dress or shoes

Lace plays a significant role in most people’s weddings. And you can DIY the lace fabric of your wedding dress and wedding shoes. It takes a long time and requires higher technical support than other lace projects.

4. Lace denim jacket/shorts

You can use lace trim to add a little femininity to your clothes, just like your denim cutoffs or jackets. By doing so, you can get turn old clothes into new fashionable ones in easy ways.

5. Boho boots attached by lace

If you are tired of your old boots, you can add pretty lace, feather, chain, and some decorations manually. Well, use glue to attach lace and other decorating things. Remember do not to use too much glue and allow them to dry for at least 40 hours.

6. DIY Lace painted Toms

Compared with other lace projects, making a lace painted Toms within a few dollars is easy. You need to prepare a pair of Toms with no images, some doilies, and paint. Use newspaper to fill the shoes. Then wrap doilies around your shoes with pins. At last, spray your shoes slightly several times. Well, make sure your shoes dry before removing the doilies.

7. Lace-backed hoodie

Yes, you can decorate your old hoodie with lace too. Just cut the shape on the back of your hoodie. Well, you can use a plate or something round to trace the shape. Later, cut the same shape 1 or 2 inches larger on your lace fabric. At last, pin the two things together and sew to make gorgeous crafts with lace trim.

Part 2: 5+ Beautiful Lace Crafts You Can Make with Old Lace

If you have some leftover lace fabric, then you can create stunning projects with creative lace ideas. Therefore, you can learn lace-inspired crafts using lace trim, lace ribbon, doilies, and other lace fabric. In addition, it can add more decorations include leather, feather, and more.

1. Add a little lace to toys or pillows

By adding a little lace, you can make your pillow or toy dame cute. To start with, you can cut the shape of lace fabric carefully. Then put the lace curtain over your pillow or toy in place. Sew around the fabric with your needle and thread.

2. Cover mason jars or bottles with lace

You can use jars of any kind to create lace projects. The first step is to measure the circumference of each jar correctly. Later, cut the lace with a ½” seam allowance. After sewing lace to sleeves, you can add a touch to your lace mason jars freely.

3. Lace crown

The lace princess crown is easy to make. You can spread golden, silver, or other lace pieces out onto washable mats or wax paper and then wait to dry. Well, you can also paint those lace craft projects in several colors as you like.

4. Lacy book ends

If you do not know how to deal with leftover lace fabric, you can cover it with your notebook. Cut the shape you like and use glue or scotch tape to stick it. Moreover, you can spray the color you like on this lacy book.

5. Stylish lace coasters

You can turn coasters into creative ones by decorating them with lace fabric. Choose one type of lace you like, and use glue to fix it. Then you can add some paints to turn leftover slate tiles into modern table accessories.

6. Lace washer bracelets

By using small washers, small key rings, and lace trim or ribbon, you can DIY beautiful lace washer bracelets within several minutes. The main point is using scotch tape to create a needle or shoelace end of your lace trim or ribbon. As a result, you can pull lace through washers or key rings easily.

Part 3: 5+ Elegant Lace Decorations to Add Flourish to Your Home

Despite clothes and small staff, you can use lace fabric to decorate your house as well. The following paragraphs are easy to follow. Thus, you can DIY vintage lace projects at home by yourself directly.

1. Wrap up flower pots with lace

Your flower pots can be romantic by wrapping up in lace trim, lace scraps, or doilies. Brush glue all over your pots, and use scissors to cut lace and adhere it over your spots. Well, make sure your new pots are completely dry before you use them.

2. Lace dreamcatcher

It is kind of difficult to DIY a lace dreamcatcher than lace crafts. But you can save a lot of money by making a lace dreamcatcher by yourself. The whole process can finish within 15 dollars. And you can complete the lace project in 30 minutes without too much effort.

3. Lace doily table runner

You can collect all your doilies include large ones. Then overlap edges of the big and small ones in place. Make sure the small lace doilies are not always on the top. Later, sew all of them with your needle and thread without hurting those doilies.

4. Lace doily bowls

Prepare a bowl and make sure your doily is larger than the bowl. Soak the doily in fabric stiffener, then drape the doily on the bottom of your bowl. Use your fingers to smooth it and remove any wrinkles carefully. After that, be patient to wait until those lace doily bowls are dry and hard.

5. DIY lace doily lamp

It is a great idea to combine lace and light. You can enjoy beautiful light fixtures and detailed shadows by DIY lace projects. You can dry glue to harden the hemp twine wrapped around a bouncy ball. After everything has finished, you can replace the original one with a lace doily lamp to DIY pendant lights.

6. Wood frame decorated with Lace Fabric

If you have large doilies and a wooden frame, you can combine them to create a lovely lace project. Staple and stretch the lace over your frame. Then use thread or glue to make it rather tight. So repeat the above operations on all of your wood frames.

7. Cover parts of your furniture using lace

Measure the size of your window or furniture, then cut the size of lace fabric. Use the brush and glue to adhere lace smoothly. If you have enough time and lace fabric, you can even use lace as the wallpaper of your dressing room.

8. Lace tiles

Lace fabric can also use as a great stencil. So you can use old or leftover lace to DIY many different kinds of lace tiles. And things will be better if you can draw or paint on those lace fabric projects.

9. Framed lace used as your earring holder

So how to keep your earrings gently? Despite keeping them in a small box, you can DIY a framed lace holder in easy ways. Spray your old frame with your favorite color. Then cut the lace out to the size of your frame. Just staple lace fabric from side to side and corner to corner. During this time, you do not need to prepare a frame.

Part 4: Tips and Tricks about Dainty Things to Make with Leftover Lace

Here are other examples you can take to DIY lace fabric. Thus, you can take advantage of leftover lace completely. In addition, it is also possible to make a living selling adorable lace projects on Amazon, eBay, and other sites. Now, just read and follow the methods below.

1. Ombre lace jewelry

Cut a small part from your lace fabric with a sharp scissor. Then here comes the most significant part, you need to put a piece of lace in the dye. And you can add more than one color to your lace pieces. Wait to dry those lace projects completely. Then you can attach them to your jump rings, chains, ribbon, stitching, or other decorating stuff.

2. DIY lace tape

You can DIY lace tape or ribbon tape in easy steps. To be more specific, use double-sided tapes to stick those lace fabrics. After that, you can stick lace to any place you like, such as books, photographs, bags, and more.

3. Lace chokers or accessories

There is no need to buy chokers anymore. You can use lace trim to DIY a lace choker easily and quickly. Use your scissor to cut the length you need, then adhere chains on the two sides of the lace trim. And you can even tie lace trim in a bow on your neck. And this is also one of the most popular lace art projects.

4. Black lace votive

By wrapping up a simple glass votive in black lace, you can get a different decorating project. Cut the correct length around your votive, then sew it using your needle and thread. So when you put candles into those lace projects, you can get a bit of a gothic feel.

5. Lace panel purse

It means you can use lace fabric to cover your bag and purse. By adding some new factors, you can make your old purse into a new and fashion product.

6. Paint your chair through lace

You need to spray your chair with lace fabric stitched on it. Later, wait for a moment to dry this furniture and remove your lace. As a result, you can see the new lace project as illustrated.