15 Perfect Sea Side Lace Beach Wedding Dress

In finding the perfect wedding dress, brides who wish to have a beach wedding certainly have endless options. The gown could be casual and relaxed to more voluminous and elegant – this will depend entirely on the style of the wedding. Though the most typical lace beach wedding dress is the boho style, you still can go and choose something different.

You can choose a more simple and relaxed lace beach wedding dress for that no-frills ceremony. It could be something sexy and short that won’t be dragged through the sandy aisle or maybe a sleek jumpsuit for a more modern look. For a more formal ceremony, you can always choose patterned in an A-Line gown or maybe a ball gown.

So, to help you out, we have rounded up the 15 best lace beach wedding dresses for you.

1. Best Budget: Rustic Lace Beach Wedding Dress $44.99

Stunning all lace bodice with spaghetti strap will make this lace beach wedding dress perfect for the seaside ceremony. Relaxed and sexy at the same time, this wedding dress will make heads turn.

2. Best Nude Gown: Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress $115.00+

Deep V-neckline with double slits compliments this white nude lace beach wedding dress perfectly. Fully lined gown with adjustable straps for added comfort and fit.

3. Best Illusioned Gown: Open Sexy Lace beach Wedding Dress $1,095.99

Tulle blush shimmering laced up bodice with long illusioned sleeves down to flowy long skirt creates a breathtaking lace beach wedding gown. The shimmering beads and sequins handwork will surely make you shine the most.

4. Best Off-Shoulder: Boho Lace Beach Wedding Gown $349.00

Sweetheart tulle lace bodice, off the shoulder, finished off with a long and flowy soft chiffon skirt is the best off-shoulder lace beach wedding dress for you. Both romantic and sexy. With its off-shoulder pattern style, you can show off your perfectly tanned skin.

5. Best Wrap Style: Lacey Long Sleeves Beach Wedding Dress $698.53+

A signature bohemian wrap style front opening wedding dress, and wide angel sleeves. The signature back lace intricate detail flawlessly compliments this beautiful wrap-style lace beach wedding dress. Such a darling gown!

6. Best Pleated Gown: Pleated Boho Lace Bridal Dress $328.00+

Backless back pattern style, lacey bodice, and bell sleeves with pleated flowy skirt shout out nothing but elegance and beauty. The floor-length skirt with sweep brush train adds up more flair to this lace beach wedding dress.

7. Best Mermaid: Cathedral Lacey Bridal Dress $825.30+

Cappuccino-colored mermaid lace beach wedding dress, embellished with handmade beads and appliques makes this gown a true statement gown! The tulle bottom has a flowy effect perfect for that sandy aisle.

8. Best Ombre Gown: Chiffon Lace Beach Bridal Dress $1,365.00

Salmon to burnt orange to warm purple creates this perfect ombre lace beach wedding dress. The handcrafted silk and satin dress and lining will make this wedding dress truly elegant and comfy at the same time. The Pleated silk chiffon overlayer is a true show stopper!

9. Most Laid-Back Gown: Vintage White Lace Beach Wedding Dress $56.99

The most ideal lace beach wedding dress for a hot, summer wedding day. Made from handmade cotton and lace, gartered bell ¾ sleeves and flowy skirts will both give you comfort and style on your wedding day.

10. Best Minimalist: Gypsy Smock Wedding Dress $138.00+

Made from handmade raw cotton fiber and lace, this lace beach wedding dress is the best minimalist wedding dress ever. With its gorgeous plunging neckline, spaghetti strap, smocked, and tiered back design, this bridal dress is not only perfect as a wedding dress but also for an after-party.

11. Best Two-Piece Gown: Lace Top Skirt Wedding Dress $249.50

Short sleeves, pearl buttoned back all laced up top paired up with soft satin flowy full skirt creates this perfect beach and countryside wedding dress. This lace beach wedding dress is not only ideal as a wedding gown but it can also be worn as an after-party dress.

12. Best Embroidered: Luxury Embroidered Lace Wedding Dress $410.00

There’s nothing more elegant and glamorous than to wear a gown made from embroidered laces and fabrics. This A-Line patterned lace beach wedding dress with capped sleeves and lacey train states sophistication at its finest. Such a true beauty to behold!

13. Best Backless Back Pattern Design: Soft Lace Vintage Wedding Dress $290.00

Intricately detailed lacework bodice, snug fit long sleeves with a floor-length skirt, and backless back pattern style lace beach wedding dress can make any bride stands out. The perfect wedding dress for that long-awaited seaside wedding day.

14. For The Classic Bride: Floral Lace Wedding Gown $490.34

What makes a wedding gown classic and elegant at the same time? Of course, the fabric, lace works, and pattern. This floral lace top with snug fit long sleeves finished off with a long flowy skirt will create a beautiful queen-like bride. A lace beach wedding dress that describes classic and true beauty.

15. Most Romantic Gown: Lace and Chiffon Long Sleeves Wedding Gown $840.00

Both front and back in sweet deep V-neckline, long chiffon sleeves with lace border, and dress bodice in rich ivory chiffon lined with bondage, this lace beach wedding dress is the most romantic gown ever. With its elegant bodice and sexy features, you will surely make your wedding day a day to remember forever.


1What are the best fabrics to use for a lace beach wedding dress?
The options are endless. But since you are planning a seaside ceremony, it is better to choose a fabric that will provide comfort and elegance at the same time. Some of the most preferred fabrics are soft chiffon, tulle, satin, lace, and of course, nothing beats cotton to make a gown.
2Are shoes a must for a seaside wedding?
Shoes are optional for a seaside ceremony. But if the sand is hot then you need something to protect your feet. Why not consider a nice lacey sandal or maybe a flat slip-on with lace and beads? This footwear will add up more flair to your lace beach wedding dress.