Best 15 Creative and Unique Homemade Easter Basket Ideas You Can’t Miss

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Best 15 Creative and Unique Homemade Easter Basket Ideas You Can’t Miss

Homemake Easter Basket

Since Easter is already few days away, it is time to prepare Easter baskets! Though you can buy Easter baskets for families from local malls, why not make a basket by yourself?

Actually, you can add anything you like into your unique Easter basket. And there is no need to worry whether others have the same Easter baskets. To start with, you need some creative Easter basket ideas.

If it is your first time to DIY an Easter basket, or you are tired of similar Easter Baskets, then you should not miss this article.

Here are top 15 themed homemade Easter Basket ideas for your kids, husband, wife, neighbors and friends. So just read and get some cute and creative Easter basket ideas now. You can do it!

Part 1: Top 5 Homemade Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Wanna get some new homemade Easter basket ideas? Skip traditional basket this Easter, and get easy Easter baskets to make for all ages.

Top 1: DIY Grocery Bag Easter Basket

DIY Grocery Bag Easter Basket

You can add some ribbons and lace to decorate grocery bags into creative Easter baskets.


  • Any paper grocery bag.
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors and hot glue gun.
  • Some pretty lace.


Step 1: Deconstruct the grocery bag with your scissors.

Step 2: Use pencil and ruler to mark eighteen 1.25-inch strips, and then trim them.

Step 3: Glue 6 of the strips together to make 3 long.

Step 4: Folder all strips in half.

Step 5: Trim all of them and weave handle with hot glue.

Step 6: Tie ribbon or lace in a bow.

Top 2: Easter Basket Crafts

Easter Basket Crafts

You can transform some old materials into creative Easter basket ideas. Well, decorate with lace or ribbon can make your Easter basket to be more attractive.


  • Some lace or ribbon with the same width.
  • Scissors, hot glue gun, double-sided tape.
  • Wire hanger, wire cutter, needle-nose pliers.


Step 1: Weave ribbons or lace in over-and-under fashion until ends meet.

Step 2: Use a thinner lace to weave them around basket together.

Step 3: Use wire cutters and make rounded handle shape.

Step 4: Bend small hooks at both ends.

Step 5: Decorate handle with wide lace until it is fully covered.

Top 3: Simple Felt Easter Basket

Simple Felt Easter Basket


  • Two 12 by 12-inch pieces of Wool Felt, 5mm.
  • One 18 by 18-inch piece of 1mm precut Wool Felt.
  • Thread, embroidery needles, rotary cutter.
  • Cutting mat, non-slip ruler.


Step 1: Push the needle through to the bottom circle of felt.

Step 2: Sew Wool pieces together carefully.

Step 3: Stitch the handle by whip.

Step 4: Stuff the Easter basket with soft lace.

Top 4: DIY Mini Baskets for Easter

Mini Baskets for Easter

It is also OK to make some small mini Easter baskets. Actually, there is no fix size for Easter baskets. So you can take size into homemade Easter baskets ideas as well.


  • Some plastic cups.
  • Glue, scissors.
  • Decorating materials like lace.


Step 1: Use glue to stick lace or a length of garland.

Step 2: Wrap your cup and attach the handle.

Step 3: Add mini eggs, Easter grass or other small objects.

Top 5: Sweet Springtime Basket

Sweet Springtime Basket

To get more homemade Easter basket craft, you can turn everything into the target shape.


  • Eco green crafts acrylic Paint.
  • Wire, wire cutters.
  • Decorating lace or ribbon.


Step 1: Cut an egg cartoon to get a small basket.

Step 2: Paint it with your favorite color.

Step 3: Use wire to thread through the holes.

Step 4: Tie a bow on the top with lace.


Part 2: Best 10 Easy and Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Boys and Girls

So how about creative Easter basket ideas for kids? You can combine cute things together to DIY his or her special Easter gift.

Best 1: Safari Easter Basket

Everything can be consisted of your creative Easter basket ideas. So you can pay more attention to your daily life.


  • A straw hat.
  • Wide lace or ribbon.
  • Multicolor Easter grass.
  • Zoo animal stickers.


Step 1: Use lace to tie or glue on your hat.

Step 2: Fill with multicolor Easter grass.

Step 3: Attach Cartoon stickers anywhere you like.

Step 4: Arrange products in your Easter basket.

Safari Easter Basket

Best 2: Bunny Pail Easter Basket

Actually, you can make a carton-themed Easter basket within few steps. Just draw or paint the character you like.


  • Sand basket.
  • Ribbon, stickers, goodly eyes and other decorating things.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Double sided-tape.


Step 1: Create bunny face or draw other character.

Step 2: Tie ribbons on the handles of the bucket.

Bunny Pail Easter Basket

Best 3: Paper Plate Easter Basket

Well, paper is also a useful tool for homemade Easter baskets. And it will be easier to control its shape and size.

  • Paper plates.
  • Scissors
  • Lace and other decorating things.


Step 1: Cut around the outer edge to fold the cut slits up.

Step 2: Stick lace around the paper plate totally.

Step 3: Cut a handle out of paper to staple.

Step 4: Use other objects to decorate your Easter basket.

Paper Plate Easter Basket

Best 4: Tulle Easter Basket

If your kids love pink or tulle, then creating a pink tulle Easter basket would be one of the best creative Easter basket ideas.


  • Tulle in pink.
  • Any basket.
  • Lace or ribbon.


Step 1: Fold the tulle and insert it through the holes of your Easter basket.

Step 2: Repeat above process to make sure the basket is covered with tulle.

Step 3: You can use the lace or ribbon to wrap around it carefully.

Tulle Easter Basket

Best 5: Milk Jug Easter Basket

Yes, milk jug and other similar objects are also parts of your homemade Easter basket ideas. Later, you can personalize it with lace or ribbon to make it cute.


  • Gallon plastic jug (empty, clean and dry).
  • X-ActoTM
  • Stickers, lace or ribbon.
  • Craft foam, stapler.


Step 1: Cut the gallon plastic jug into a basket shape with the knife.

Step 2: Staple the handle with your basket using stamper.

Step 3: Use stickers, lace, craft foam and others to beautifier it.

Milk Jug Easter Basket

Best 6: Balloon Easter Basket

Balloon Easter Basket should be a creative idea. What is more important, you can also use the hot air balloon to make the whole thing cute.


  • Hot air balloon.
  • Fairyland fabric and lace.
  • Light basket with paper or other material.
  • Small needle for sewing.


Step 1: Create basket cover with fabric material and needle.

Step 2: Make an elegant cover for the hot air balloon.

Step 3: Link the hot air balloon and Easter basket with lace ribbon.

Balloon Easter Basket

Best 7: Easter Egg Hunt Bags

When you need to get some special Easter Baskets for the festival, Easter Egg Hunt Bags might be one of creative ideas you need to try.


  • Cotton square of wool felt.
  • One-inch ric-rac lace fabric.
  • Cotton thread and needle.


Step 1: Cut the cotton square to make a bag.

Step 2: Sew on the ric-rac to the cotton square.

Step 3: Attach the handles after sewing Easter bag.

Rick Rack Easter Bags

Best 8: Mickey & Minnie Easter Baskets

Mickey & Minnie Easter basket should be favorite for children. If you have some large wicker baskets, you can take advantage the material.


  • Two large wicker baskets with handles.
  • Red and black spray paint.
  • Yellow, white and black felt.
  • Red polka ribbon.


Step 1: Paint the basket black in top and red at the bottom.

Step 2: Use the yellow, white and black felt to make the pattern.

Step 3: In order to make Minnie bow, you can use the red polka ribbon.

Mickey Minnie Easter Basket

Best 9: Frozen Elsa Easter Basket

What should you do if your girl loves Elsa? Actually it is not difficult to make Frozen Elsa Easter basket by yourself. Check out the steps as below.


  • A Tiffany blue wicker basket.
  • The collection of Frozen Elsa.
  • White lace ribbon for decoration.


Step 1: Decorate Tiffany blue wicker basket with blue Easter grass.

Step 2: Place the collection of Frozen Elsa for the Easter basket.

Step 3: Use the lace ribbon to make the whole thing wonderful.

Frozen Easter Basket

Best 10: Crochet Easter Baskets

If you are good at knitting, you can also make crocket Easter baskets by yourself. You can only use the knitting wool to pull off the pattern.


  • Knitting wool and elegant lace trim.
  • Video or book for bunny pattern.


Step 1: Knit the wool to the bunny pattern according to the book or video.

Step 2: Decorate the bunny eastern baskets with some lace trim.

Crochet Easter Basket

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