15 Most Loved High Neck Lace Wedding Dresses for 2022

Some brides are not into plunging necklines. Some love to wear something conservative like a high-neck lace wedding dress. Good thing, this kind of bridal gown is very much on trend these days and even comes in various styles and shapes.

There are two kinds of high-neck lace wedding dresses – the first is the kind of neckline that goes all the way up to the neck and the second one is the style that sits at the nape of the neck. This kind of style started way back in the Victorian days when the neckline goes all the way up to the jawline. But as the modern days stepped in, there were now different amazing iterations and updates on this style. Wearing a high-neck lace wedding dress is very much flattering. The wide ranges of styles are now perfectly introduced from the simple high neckline, mermaid, illusion lace, to Bohemian. You will certainly find the perfect one for you!

To give you more ideas about this specific style of wedding dress, we have gathered the most loved 15 high-neck lace wedding dresses for you.

1. Bellamour Collection

A classic A-line silhouette wedding dress, close back with pearl buttons, and lacey bodice makes this high neck lace wedding dress perfect for a classic bride. The white lace and nude tulle add to its soft and elegant look. Both romantic and classic.

2. Bliss Gown

Applique beaded lacey top and soft tulle bottom skirt cascading down the floor for a more dramatic effect. The soft fabric of the skirt makes the perfect contrast to its full applique and lacey top.

3. Elegant Gown

Elegant and sweet, this high-neck lace wedding dress will highlight your figure even more. The lacey bodice and long sleeves make this wedding dress truly modest. The perfect wedding dress for church ceremonies.

4. Lace with Bliss

When high neckline and boho lace collide then expect true magical results. The intricate Bohomeian lace bodice will make any bride feels like a queen on her special day.

5. Deliza Bridal

Stunning high neck lace wedding dress in lacey floral overlay and long sleeve finished off by a long sweep train make an elegant and modest bridal gown ever. The beadworks and crystals even make this gown more sophisticated.

6. Grace Bella by Kelly

With its A-Line silhouette, intricate lace works, and illusion paneling, this high neck lace wedding gown is perfect for both beach and church ceremonies. The Bohemian lace makes this gown stands out even more.

7. Romantic Bohemian

Haltered lacey high neckline, lacey bodice, and floor-length skirt with sweep train in scalloped hemline are what make this high neck lace wedding dress very much recommended. The mermaid style with a slit will make your torso look longer and sexier.

8. King Bridal VN

What makes a high-neckline wedding dress more elegant? The A-Line silhouette with train and corset is made from intricate and detailed lace and hemline. Studded corset with beads and crystals, this high-neck lace wedding dress is a classic gown for a modern bride.

9. Muguet Bridal

The long sleeve ball gown in lace top and a satin full skirt is what makes this high-neck lace wedding dress both modest and chic. The beaded works on the top will add shimmer as the bride walks down the aisle.

10. New York City Bride

A high neck lace wedding dress embellished with beadworks, flowering guipure, sequins, and crystals that spill all over the train is what every bride needs on her wedding day. Corset made from organza and Chantilly lace finished off with a sash studded with Swarovski crystals. This wedding dress will make you shine on your wedding day.

11. Wear Your Love XO

Daring, contemporary design in our preferred high-neck lace wedding dress. This stylish statement wedding dress is a Bohemian masterpiece presenting a darling and beautiful stem rose lace in a shoulder-baring halter style. A graceful mock neck borders the face, and a subtle satin button at the base of the neck attracts the eye descending to a stunning diamond cut-out back.

12. Wedding House Design - Anastasija

Perfectly made from tulle, satin, and chiffon, this high-neck lace wedding dress is the perfect church wedding dress. Both conservative and modern. The soft stretch stain even makes this bridal dress comfy to wear.

13. Howell Antiques

Classic and simple, a poetic high-neck lace wedding dress. Named the 1970s celebration designs, the heart-stopping Victorian-style lacey neckline and lace cuffs will surely make a bride stands out. The smooth and beautiful skirt with a lacey hemline finished it off gracefully.

14. Bridal Separates

Romantic handmade sleeves, lacey bodice, pearl front button finished off with a soft satin hip-hugging bottom. The complete cut will highlight your figure even more. This high-neck lace wedding dress will flatter a bride no matter what!

15. Valencia Dresses

The elegance and grace this high-neck lace wedding dress will give to its bride are truly magical. The intricately detailed lace of the bodice down to the cascading soft tulle skirt is what perfection truly means.


1What to look for in a high-neck lace wedding dress?
To get the perfect fit, the neckline should sit on the nape of the neck. Since this kind of style could be a bit tricky to wear, you must have the best fit to get a comfy result.
2What are the concepts of a high-neck lace wedding dress?
You will find wide concepts of a high neck lace wedding dress. There are the Vintage, mermaids, V-neckline, waist with a sash, floor-length lace, and open back. The fabrics can be satin, silk, tulle, chiffon, and even full-bodied lace.
3Is a high-neck lace wedding dress recommended for everyone?
There are high-neck lace wedding dresses specifically made for plus-size women. Since this kind of style is designed for those with slim and long necks, you should have the right measurements to feel comfy wearing this kind of wedding dress.