Eye Catching High Low Lace Wedding Dresses to Fall in Love With

More and more brides-to-be are searching for a casual yet elegant wedding dress. They still wish to wear something classy yet a kind of wedding dress which they could still wear a dress for the after-party. Good thing we have gathered some beautiful and affordable high low lace wedding dresses which you can choose from.

1. Tulle Ballet Skirt With Lace Bodice Dress

Price: $86.69

This stylish wedding dress is both elegant and sexy. The full lace skirt is inspired and made by a tulle with scalloped lacey hem bodies. It is a wedding dress that you could call an out-of-the-box kind of dress.

2. White Asymmetrical Lacey Bohemian Wedding Dress

Price: $79.00

Wearing something soft is a must especially if you are planning a beach wedding. This high-low lace wedding dress is made from cotton adorned with lace and a deep neckline for added sexiness. It is a must-have wedding dress today.

3. High Low Lacey Wedding Dress

Price: $94.95

Create a stunning wedding day by wearing this elegant lace wedding dress. This lacey spaghetti strap gown is not only perfect as a wedding dress but also for after party. It has a V-Neck neckline and lacey open back finished for a more elegant look.

4. Bohemian Smoked Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $129.00+

There is nothing classier than wearing a lace dress. Just imagine the layered lace of this wedding dress. It is made from raw cotton which makes it soft to touch.

5. V-Neck Ivory Lace High Low Wedding Dress

Price: $124.00

Imagine the waves creating magical sounds as you walk down the sandy aisle. The soft-touch of lace against your skin. Full lace bodies with sleeveless features for a more comfortable fit.

6. Lightweight White Satin Wedding Dress

Price: $275.20

This stunning charmeuse satin wedding dress will surely wow every guest on your special day. Featured with a deep V-neckline and satin sash for extra sophistication. It is one of the best high-low lace wedding dresses to love!

7. Pearl Pink Hi-Low Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $529.95+

Creating an elegant wedding should not be that hard. You start with this lace wedding dress with lace adorned back feature and an illusion-laced neckline. Every sequin handmade work will make you shine like a diamond!

8. Strapless Pleat Lace Up Vintage Wedding Dress

Price: $147.00

Walking down the aisle as the soft fabric brush against your skin will create a magical effect and feelings. Made from satin and lace, this wedding dress will make a statement.

9. Chiffon Lace Wedding Dress with Elegant Beading Sash

Price: $308.73

Ivory-colored chiffon wedding dress is elegant and classy as ever. The beadwork and lace bodies made this high low lace wedding dress more sophisticated. The perfect gown for the perfect bride.

10. Lacey Bride’s Detachable Train Wedding Dress

Price: $300.00

What makes this wedding dress preferred by most modern brides? The detachable train, of course! With its lacey long sleeves and bodies and chiffon skirt, it is one of the best choices when it comes to the high low lace wedding dress.

11. Beaded Transparent Crop Top with 3D Flower Applique Wedding Dress

Price: $189.70+

Every bride wishes to make a statement that will last forever. This delicately laced wedding dress with hand-stitched applique and beadwork will make every bride’s dream come true.

12. Floral Satin Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $268.34

Made from silk and lace, this ivory wedding dress is also an ideal after-party dress too. This high-low lace wedding dress has a lace high neckline, lace bodies, and long sleeves with scalloped hemline for a classic look.

13. Bohemian Floral Lace Long Sleeve Fishtail Wedding Dress

Price: $746.00+

To emphasize your figure, even more, this sheer embroidered lace wedding gown will do its magical work. It has a fishtail draped skirt with a train for a more elegant look. To add more glamour, it has a scalloped lace finish.

14. Tulle Circle Skirt Wedding Dress

Price: $324.79

What makes a wedding dress eye-catching? The materials themselves. This high-low lace wedding dress has 6 layers of satin and tulle. Just imagine the feel of the materials against your skin as you walk down the magical aisle.

15. Strapless Satin Wedding Gown

Price: $239.00+

What makes a wedding dress extra special? The lace, the beadworks, and the materials used such as chiffon will make any wedding dress a dress to remember. This strapless and lacey wedding dress could make your day extra special. The A-Line bodies will add up more volume to its skirt.

16. Plunge Neckline Sleeveless Wedding Gown

Price: $1,350.00+

With its lacey and deep neckline, this wedding dress will make head turns. The intricate details bodies make the skirt fuller. It has a vintage look you will love.

17. Sexy Vestido De Noiva Front Wedding Dress

Price: $99.99+

This elegant high low lace wedding dress has a ball gown silhouette, princess waistline, and is made from lace and tulle. Its ruffled skirt adds up to its modern feature. It is the perfect wedding dress for a princess.

18. Wide A-line Illusion Deep Sweetheart Shape Neckline Wedding Dress

Price: $918.00+

Laced from head to toe, this wedding dress is a surefire show stopper. It has a deep sweetheart shape neckline to show the shape of the breast even more. The long train made the perfect ending.

19. Petal Strapless Satin and Tulle Wedding Gown

Price: $239.00+

An A-Line silhouette will emphasize your figure even more. This blue-gray bridal dress adorned with petals, beads, and pearls is like a fairytale come true for every bride. It is also a perfect after-party dress.

20. Lightly Beaded Transparent Two-Piece Wedding Dress Set

Price: $189.70+

Planning a summer destination wedding? This stunning high low lace wedding dress should be the star of the day! The top is lacey transparent adorned with delicate hand-stitched flower applique and a soft tulle skirt. Soft to touch and skin friendly.

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