20 Extraordinary Gothic Lace to Love

Are you into the gothic theme? Do you love everything in black? Then you will surely love to have a gothic lace for your projects. Check our article and you will find something you will take home with you.

1. Mawinlak Black Gothic Lace

Table Runners for Weddings Decorations $5.99

This Gothic fabric has measurements of length 14 x 120 inches (35 X 305cm) long size. You can use it for your coffee tables, dinner tables, storage table, hotel, restaurants, and more.

2. NAVAdeal Handmade Halloween Gothic Black Lace

2 Panels French Curtain Drape $49.99

With its intricate design, this french lace fabric is suggested to be washed by hand in cold water. It has meaurments of 59 inches (w) x 83 inches, 150x210cm. Ideal for events such as Halloween, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, and mystery parties.

3. FINECITY Black Lace Curtains for Living Room

This lace fabric has sheer materials which make sit ideal for windows. It is best for your bedroom window, living room window, dining room, and more. It is also made from polyester.

4. Spoonflower Fabric - Gothic Lace

Bats Grey Goth Halloween Witches Printed on Petal Signature Cotton Fabric $12.00

Since it is made from cotton, this Gothic lace fabric is best for projects. You will love using it for your quilting, craft projects, toys, and accessories.

5. Pufogu Vintage Black Lace Table Runner

2 Packs $9.97

You will surely love the vintage Gothic design of this fabric. It is ideal for boho weddings, country weddings, romantic candlelight dinners, and more. This Gothic lace fabric should be hand washed.

6. Spoonflower Fabric - Dark Lace

Punk Purple Gothic Witchy Romantic Printed on Petal Signature Cotton Fabric $12.00

This witchy lace fabric is made from cotton. It is ideal for DIY projects such as quilting, craft projects, toys, and accessories.

7. ShinyBeauty Lace Tablecloth Lace

Overlay Tablecloth Rustic Lace Fabric $12.96

It has a measurement of 60x120-inch black lace. Made from imported lace, you will love using it for your Rustic wedding, romantic candlelight dinner, bridal shower, and more.

8. Lotusolution Mix Match Curtains

Full Blackout Black Curtains Vintage Floral Black Lace $59.99

Made from imported floral lace fabric, it has a measurement of 52 by 84 Inch Long. It is recommended that you wash it separately. It is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, baby/girls/kids rooms, apartment offices, and more.

9. Pufogu Vintage Black Lace Table

Runner 14x120 Inch Overlay Lace Fabric with Rose Floral $6.97

What makes this Gothic lace fabric is that it is wrinkle-free. It is perfect for a boho wedding, country wedding, romantic candlelight dinner, and much more.

10. Lunarable Skull Table Runner

Skulls with Floral Curly Details Antique Victorian Design Gothic Elements $20.99

Antique lace is versatile since it is made from polyester. It is suggested to wash it with cold water. Great for your outdoor dining table and more.

11. Black Plume Print Burnout Curtains

Panels Drapes $62.01

It is suggested to machine wash this Gothic lace fabric. It measures about 54 inches x 84 inches. You will love it in your living area or even in your bedroom.

12. Underleaf Halloween Curtain Lace

Bat Spider Web Gothic Party Wall Window Fireplace Cover Decoration $13.83

This nice lace fabric is made from lace and polyester and has measurements of width122cm / 48.03 ", length245cm / 96.46". You will enjoy using it for your scary theme party, carnival party, Halloween party, celebrations, and more.

13. Vctops Lace Elegant Round Tablecloth

Vintage Embroidered Lace Overlay for Party $15.99

made from embroidered lace and polyester, this Gothic lace fabric is soft to touch. You will find it versatile since you can use it for your dinner table, coffee table, TV stand, indoor decoration, and much more.

14. eZAKKA Halloween Tablecloth Lace

Rectangular Black Spider Web $12.99

It has meaurmnets of 48 x 96 inch / 122x244cm and made from lace and polyserter. Your party will surely look spookier and more glamorous at the same time with this lace fabric. This will look great on Halloween parties, dinner parties, spooky meals, black Christmas, festivals, and more.

15. FunisFun Halloween Lace

Fireplace Mantle Scarf Cover $7.99

It measures about 20 x 80inch and is made from lace. You will love it for your interior doorway, hutch, buffet or as a backdrop, and much more.

16. Black Lace Halloween Window Curtains

4pcs $21.99

This Gothic lace fabric is made from polyester and has a measurement of 40 x 84inches. It is perfect for a doorway, front porch, shower room, background wall, and much more. Using this lace fabric will make your Halloween extra special.

17. Allinlove Halloween Curtains

2 Pcs Halloween Door Curtain Decor Black Lace $18.99

This witchy lace fabric is made from lace and polyester and has a measurement of 40 x 82 inches. It is the perfect Gothic lace décor for your window, doorway, front porch, background wall, and more.

18. Amosfun Halloween Door Curtain

Skull Lace Curtain $9.99

Made from durable materials, this lace fabric will last for a long time. You will be able to use it year after year. It is the perfect Halloween theme party décor.

19. Black Bats Spider Witch Halloween Lace

Halloween Decoration, Window Curtain $13.99

This polyester-made lace fabric has a measurement of 84"L x 42"W. It is suggested that you hand wash it with cold water. You will love it for your Halloween fireplace mantle scarf, Halloween tablecloth, Halloween doorway curtain, and more.

20. BESTOYARD Halloween Lace

Window Curtain $6.99

This Gothic lace fabric is made from polyester and measures about 18.5"L x 61"W. This will work best for your door curtain, window curtain, lampshade, and more.


Gothic lace fabric will certainly make any gothic lovers happy. These products we have shared with you will not only work best for your homes but you can also send them as a gift. With their intricate design, these lace fabrics will make everyone green with envy!