20 DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas to Save Your Money in 2020

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20 DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas to Save Your Money in 2020

Wanna plan a wedding on a budget? Well, the wedding can be extremely expensive because of cake, flowers and other decorations, not mention to your wedding dress. So is it possible to have a memorable wedding without too much money? Well, you can start from DIY wedding invitations first.

In spite of paying for other people’s ideas, you can design and make your own wedding invitations at home. Here are top creative DIY wedding invitations ideas. You can read and choose from vintage, rustic, classic, modern and other types of invitations in the following paragraphs.

Part 1: 10 Creative Factors You Can Add into a DIY Wedding Invitation

If you do not have enough time to DIY wedding invitations from a plain card, then you can also stand out among the others by adding something special elements.

1. Personalized Stamp

By adding a return address on the envelope, you can DIY vintage wedding invitations easily. Well, there are varieties of self-inking custom rubber stamps on Amazon, Etsy and other online shops.

Personalized Stamp


2. Tie a Ribbon

Actually, you can put RSVP cards, invitations and other things together by adding ribbon. It really makes the difference. Well, you can also tie lace and ribbon together.

Tie a Ribbon

3. Creative Edges with Punches

You can use a special punch or stamp cutter to make corners or edges you like effortlessly. Just make sure you have a large enough platform to do this.

Creative Edges with Punches

4. Beautiful Address

Search a calligraphy class online and practice handwriting. Later, you can write your own wedding invitations with beautiful addresses with no cost.

Beautiful Address

5. Print on Watercolor Paper

You can print wedding invitations on watercolor wash to create some artsy atmosphere. If you want to sharpen its color, just be careful to prevent the misshapen problem.

Watercolor Paper

6. Gild with Golden Edges

Your wedding invitation looks really expensive if you gild it with a golden edge. Well, it is not difficult to gild edges of wedding invitations and envelopes. You can buy the material online and then add gold to DIY wedding invitations at home easily.

Gild the Edges

7. Tie with Twine and Tag

If you want to DIY wedding invitations with a rustic look, then you should not forget to tie with twine and tag. You can choose one way you like to tie all objects together.

Tie with Twine and Tag

8. Envelope Liner

So how to improve an envelope into a new level? Well, you can add a personalized liner to match the theme of your wedding. Then next time you open the envelop, you can get a huge surprise.

Envelope Liner

9. Personalized Embosser

Another way to make your envelope look expensive is using a personalized embosser. Well, you can choose custom monogram ones from Etsy and other shops with reasonable prices.

Personalized Embosser

10. Seal with Wax

Wax seals play an important role when you DIY luxury wedding invitations. Of course, you can buy those materials in the craft stores or online shops. If you are not sure about the result, you can practice before embarking first. Because too much wax may mess up your envelope.

Seal with Wax

Part 2: 20 Best Ideas for Wedding Invitations You Can Make at Home at Budget Prices

The followings are popular ideas for DIY wedding invitations. You can get inspired here to design your own wedding invitations. The most important thing is that you can know how to make your wedding cards and invitations in high quality with low costs.

1. DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

You need to prepare brown Kraft cardstock, white cardstock paper, jute twine and many other things. Of course, you can also purchase DIY rustic wedding invitations kits instead. Well, the cardstock paper matters a lot when you create rustic inspired wedding invitations.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

2. Make Vintage Wedding Invitations with Handkerchiefs

Actually, you can print your wedding invitations on handkerchiefs instead of papers. Just design the template you like on the computer. Later, you can use a color printer to DIY handkerchief inspired wedding invitations on cotton poplin photo fabric and other available ones.

DIY Handkerchief Wedding Invitation

3. DIY Fern Themed Wedding Invitations

You can try the fern themed invitation suite to complete the process. Well, green is a good color you can apply. Later, you can use the fern forest replay card stamp, fern invitation paper and other materials with the same theme.

Fern Themed Wedding Invitations

4. Design Floral Wedding Invitations

Have no interest towards ferns? Then you can DIY floral inspired wedding invitations instead. There are many good online templates you can get. Moreover, you can download free blooms as background from Pexels and other free sources.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations

5. Create 3D Wedding Invitations

Different from others, you need to pre-draw the invitation design first. Later, cut along its lines with a X-Acto knife gently. Be patient and careful because of its sharp top end. Well, remember to leave part of your design on the invitation. In addition, you need to cut the glitter paper a little wider than the invitation to get the perfect mix.

DIY 3D Wedding Invitations

6. DIY Geometric Frame Wedding Invitations with Spray Printed Edges

If you want to DIY modern inspired wedding invitations, then you can try the geometric frame. What’s more, it is also a good idea to spray edges that matches your design. To keep your invitations clean, you can put few pieces of scrap cardstock in the same size on the top. Then place a water bottle or something heavy before you start spraying.

DIY Modern Wedding Invitations

7. Custom Wedding Invitations with Laser Etch

It is cool to DIY laser etched wedding invitations. You can use a laser cutter to shape the layout you like. Of course, it is not as easy as other DIY wedding invitations cards. What’s more, you need to balance your budget.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Laser Etch

8. DIY Vinyl Record Wedding Invitations

If you are music fanciers, then you can handmade vinyl record invitations for your wedding. Well, you can print names, date and location details in the side one. Then add other detail information in the side two. What’s more, you can apply the similar inspiration on the record sleeve and RSVP too.

DIY Vinyl Record Wedding Invitations

9. Design Vintage Iron Wedding Invitations

Wanna DIY rustic wedding invitations at home? Well, you can design a faux iron look with a spray paint easily. If you are not good at paper cutting, then you can try with square doilies. Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes to dry it. After that, you can fold the doily with the wedding invitation and RSVP card inside.

DIY Iron Wedding Invitations

10. Handmade Peachy Keen Pochette Wedding Invitations

You can download the free wedding invitation templates in the Microsoft Word first. Well, 90lb paper is the popular choice. A paper too light or too heavy may not show your design perfectly. Later, you can score along the fold lines carefully.

DIY Peachy Wedding Invitations

11. Make Wedding Invitations in Watercolor

Just as above mentioned, you can get twice the result with half the effort by printing on the watercolor. Well, if you are good at crafts, then you can create the water effect by yourself. Just use some dishes and a brush to draw on a plain paper directly. Before you start, you need to release the extra paint from your brush. Actually, less is more.

DIY Wedding Invitations on Watercolor

12. DIY Wedding Invitations Using Burlap

You can buy some burlaps, twines and other decorations to DIY rustic wedding invitations. It is OK if you put the invitation on the top of burlap directly. Of course, you can also wrap up your RSVP card and other elements together using burlap package.

DIY Burlap Wedding Invitations

13.  DIY Elegant Wedding Invitations with Kraft Paper

There are many available DIY wedding invitation templates in PDF format you can get. Then use Adobe Reader to open and edit the PDF file with your personalized information. Well, you can use a craft knife to cut along the dotted lines if necessary. Moreover, you can use doilies or lace to decorate it.

DIY Kraft Wedding Invitation

14. Create Wedding Invitations with Faux Deckled Edge

It is quite easy to create faux deckled edges on your wedding invitations. Just dip the brush into water, then wet the card stock between 2 crop marks. Line up with a ruler to pull up the corner with your another hand. Well, you can get the faux deckled edge quickly. Repeat the process to get other three deckled edges.

DIY Wedding Invitaions with Faux Deckled Edge

15. Handmade Wedding Invitation Accents

Use a custom stamp kit to print on old poetry paper or newspaper. Well, you can also make some confetti with a heart confetti punch or other shapes you like. Put heart confetti into a glassine envelope. Later, use a tape roller to stick a tag if you want.

DIY Wedding Invitations Accents

16. DIY Aztec Ikat Wedding Invitation

You can DIY Aztec inspired wedding invitations with personalized ikat. Its bold and colorful stationary adds more festival atmosphere to your celebration. Actually, you can buy printable Aztec wedding invitations kits from many online shops.

DIY Aztec Wedding Invitaions

17. Make Nautical Wedding Invitation

Blue is the widely-used color for DIY nautical inspired wedding invitations. You can choose whether to use light blue or dark blue as the main color. Then add some small nautical themed decorations you like.

DIY Nautical Wedding Invitation

18. Create Wedding Invitations with Stamp

By designing a wedding invitation stamp, you can print invitations quickly as much as possible. In another word, you can print the invitation on any kind of paper or card freely. Just go to the online shop to get a personalized image stamp with any border you like.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Stamp

19. DIY Circle Chain Wedding Invitation

Actually, you can use a 3-inch circle punch to cut out all your photos into circles. Later, print your wedding invitation on a thick paper stock as the cover. You can use ribbon to line them up. Finally, put the circled wedding invitation into a small circle box.

DIY Circle Chain Wedding Invitation

20. Print Wedding Invitations on Cloth

There is no such a rule that you have to DIY wedding invitations with paper only. So it is also a good idea to print invitations on cloth. Well, you can use any cloth or fabric you like. Finally, use a tape roller to tie up your invitation.

DIY Wedding Invitations on Cloth


Part 3: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know When You DIY Wedding Invitations

After reading so many DIY wedding invitations ideas, here are some tips you need to know before operating. To be more specific, there are smart ways that can help you save time on handmade projects.

1. Get a Professional Paper Cutter

If you need to cut paper into the correct size, then definitely you need to prepare a professional paper cutter or scissor. Well, every field has its master, right?

Paper Cutter

2. Pay Attention to the Weight of Your Wedding Invitation Suite

When you add embellishments into the package, you need to keep track of the weight of your wedding invitations suite. As a result, you may need to pay more postage fees instead of using a simple stamp on it. So you can use a kitchen scale to weight the package first.

Keep the Weight

3. Address Wedding Invitations by Hand

Actually, addressing the invitation by hand can express more feelings than labels and others. It’s OK if you think your handwriting is not good enough. Well, just remember to address people in the way that they wish to be addressed.

Address Wedding Invitations by Hand

4. Check Quantities before Sending Wedding Invitations

When you need to send out your wedding invitations, you had better check if the quantity matches the real number of your guests. So you can avoid common mistakes like double inviting and more.

Check Quantities before Sending

That’s all for creative DIY wedding invitations. If you have any other good idea about handmade wedding invitation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course, feel free to contact us if you have any difficulty while creating or designing. Please share this article if it works. Thanks for your reading.

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