Top 15 Easy DIY Easter Crafts Ideas for Decoration You Can Make with Kids

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June 11, 2018
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Top 15 Easy DIY Easter Crafts Ideas for Decoration You Can Make with Kids

Just want to enjoy Easter Ceremony with your kids, DIY Easter Craft to decorate the holiday should be an essential part. What is more important, when you share the Easter Craft ideas with your children and make all these craft, it should be a great memory. The article lists 15 best DIY Easter craft ideas of 2018, read on to get the detailed information.

1. Bunny Bookmarks

Bunny bookmarks pretty much only need some papers. You can use the scissors and hand to make a shape of the bunny shape. After that the kids can use the pink and black pen to make bunny paper bookmarks. It should be a simple Easter Craft idea that you can achieve with few minutes.

Bunny Bookmark

2. Carrot Foot Print

Carrot foot print is another easy Easter Craft idea, which you only need to let kids to make a foot print on a white paper or other tissue. After that you can use the scissors and glue to get a shape of carrot. In order to keep the memory, you can keep them in the photo frame and sign with your name and data.

Carrot Foot Print

3. Potato Stamping

If you just need to stamp some eggs, you can take some round potato with only some cuts. When you have a great skill for curving potato, you can get different types of stamping with ease. There is an easy method to curve potato with a paper of the shape, such as bunny and carrot.

Potato Stamping

4. Lace Doilies

Some bunny lace doilies should be a nice decoration for Easter festival. If you are good at sewing, you can DIY Easter craft with lace trims in bunny pattern, egg pattern, butterfly pattern and more others. As for the case, you can custom the lace doilies according to your requirements in easy steps.

Easter Doily

5. Easter Button Wreath

If you have some extra buttons in different colors, you can also create some Easter button wreath. As for the simple pattern, you can create some eggs or carrot, if there are more buttons, rabbit pattern should be a nice Easter Craft idea. What is more, you can add some sweet ribbon to make it beautiful.

Easter Button Wreath

6. Yarn Wrapped Carrots

For the first step, you have to cut a carrot shape out of a piece of cardboard. After that you can use the orange yarn to warp the carrot shape cardboard. When you get the yard for the whole carrot, you only have to attach some handprints cut from green card stock paper. It should be an easy Easter craft that your child should like.

Yarn Wrapped Carrot

7. Easter Cootie Catchers

As for the Easter Cootie Catchers, you have to download and print some template. You can cut the paper and fold the square in half, unfold and fold in half again on the other side. Position the paper so that the white side of the paper is facing towards you. Start folding the corners towards the middle to achieve the DIY Easter Craft.

Easter Cootie Catchers

8. Cute Paper Chicks

If you already had some colored paper, it should be another easy DIY Easter Craft idea. Draw 8 circles with a cup or a template, after that cut out the 8 circles to trace the circle. Fold the circles in half and stick them with glue to make a circle. Add a tiny bit as the tailor and ribbon as attachment.

Cute Paper Chicks

9. Bunny Clothespin

Actually you do not have to use extra material for the bunny clothespin DIY Easter Craft, spray painted a whole batch of wooden clothespins take only few minutes. After that you need to use Paint maker to show black as nose and eyes, and pink as ears of bunny. Of course, you can bundle them as a handset instead.

Bunny Clothespin

10. Carrot Easter Favors

When you have some coffee filters, you can dry them with green and orange, which can be used to make hold dishes or add Easter Eggs. Make a cone shape from the dry orange filter and secure with a line of glue along the seam. Pinch the edges of the orange filter together to create a carrot shape.

Paper Carrots

11. Tape Easter Eggs

In order to find some special types of tapes to decorate Easter eggs, tape Easter eggs should be a nice DIY Easter Craft idea. Besides the tape Easter eggs, you can also use other paintings to decorate the Easter egg. It is the traditional method to decorate Easter festival in few steps.

Tape Easter Eggs

12. Sock Bunny

A small sock, large pom pom, movable eyes, ribbon, clear rubber bands and rice, you can use the above material to DIY Easter Craft. If you have a child that loves stuffed animals, or even a group of kids that you’d like to give them a neat craft to take home for Easter, this would certainly be a fun one.

Sock Bunny

13. Paper Flower

It is a simple Easter Craft idea, all you want is some pink or red paper. After that you can make these cute little rosette out of cardstock paper by cutting a large circle in your paper. Starting with the outside edge, curl rosette up into shape. Roll up again, and this time put a dab of hot glue to glue your flower into shape.

Paper Flower

14. Light Eggshell Centerpiece

Make sure the eggshells have the opening as wide as the candles, because they will have to fit inside. Clean and maybe wash them with care before applying the desired color. Remove the membrane as well from the egg as well. Take a bowl of warm water and combine with vinegar and the food coloring of your choice.

15. Easter Bunny Vases

If there is any left over salsa container, you can take advantage of the container to make an Easter Bunny vase. After that use an old tooth brush to spread the mixture on and to scrub. Using white paint cover your salsa jar evenly. Now you can paint the bunny noise and ears to get the desired DIY Easter Craft.

Easter Bunny Vases


When you need to have some simple and special DIY Easter Craft, you can get the detailed information from the article. Of course, when you have other ideas about IDY Easter Craft, you can share more information here.

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