Top 6 Ideas of Custom Wedding Rings for Her or Him in the Wedding Party

How to choose wedding rings or engagement rings? Is it possible to custom wedding rings for your love at the wedding party? There are thousands of ring patterns in Amazon and local stores, but none of them suit your wedding theme. When you need to upgrade your engagement rings to wedding rings, how do you ask a designer to make a pair of rings with a pattern? Just learn more about the best ideas to personalize wedding rings from the article.

Part 1: The Differences between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

The engagement rings and wedding rings are symbols of marriage and love. What are the main differences?

Engagement rings and wedding rings have different meanings. The former one represents a proposal when a couple decides to get married. When they get married in the church, they will wear wedding rings, which mean a lifetime commitment to each other. The engagement ring could be a little simple and cheaper when the wedding ring should be more valuable compared with the former. How do you personalize wedding rings for the two scenarios?

Part 2: Top 10 Ideas of Custom Wedding Rings for Her or Him

Idea 1: Custom Engraved Wedding Rings

Size: 100mm x 3m 6 Patterns PET background

If you need to have cost-effective custom wedding rings, engraved wedding rings should be the initial choice. When you place an order from your local store, you can ask the customer service to engrave the wedding rings with your names, wedding date, and other information.

You can have some patterns to custom wedding rings, such as the engravings from ornate patterns to fingerprints to personalized messages. Just use your imagination to custom-engraved wedding rings.

Idea 2: Custom Shape Wedding Rings

Just as the engraved wedding rings, you can also custom wedding rings to a specific shape, such as the first letter of your name. When you need to design a shape like the first dating place, the letters of your names, and the puppy, you can design it yourself or ask a designer.

Before sending your requirements to some online custom wedding rings services, such as Etsy, you should draw a draft and send it to your designer before communication.

Idea 3: Custom Color Wedding Rings

When you need to have a blue wedding party by the seashore, you might want a blue diamond with some wave pattern. It is easy to find some patterns you are satisfied with. You can collect the pictures for the wedding rings and draw a picture for the desired one.

After that, you can send the blue diamond with the patterns to a designer to custom color wedding rings. Moreover, you can also add some gems in green, purple, orange, or others to increase vitality.

Idea 4: Custom Theme Wedding Rings

To custom wedding rings for a theme, you have to make a series of wedding accessories. Take the blue sea theme as an example. You might have to make pearl wedding rings, seashell wedding rings, conch wedding rings, and more others related to the same theme.

Make sure you have a collection of patterns you want to design the wedding rings. If you need to send them to a designer, you have to have the draft, the material, and other information for the wedding rings.

Idea 5: Custom Pair Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are a pair of rings, which you can divide a password, a heart, or even an object into two parts. It should be hard when you need to custom pair wedding rings. Moreover, you have to consider the differences between bride and bridegroom.

There are some rings for engagement and weddings, such as the sea and mountain, sun and moon, and more others. Just have the desired pattern and communicate with the designer.

Idea 6: Custom Growing Wedding Rings

When you need to upgrade the engagement rings to wedding rings, you can custom a leaf ring for engagement. Just add an apple-shaped red gem to the leaf rings for your wedding part. Of course, you can add green gems to the ring for anniversaries.

To custom grow wedding rings, you have to define the different patterns for the two rings. Here are some basic patterns for your reference, such as the leaf, flower, worm, butterfly, rock, mountain, etc.

Part 3: How to DIY Washi Tapes and DIY Crafts

How to customize one according to your own requirement? You might need a transparent washi tape with a desired pattern, or need to make a cartoon washi tape for your family, you can just follow the steps to customize an order from cozylace accordingly.

Step 1: Take a photo for the washi tape you want to customize. When you need to make a cartoon tape, you should turn your portrait into a cartoon beforehand.

Step 2: Send the photo or related files to cozylace. Moreover, you should also define the size, length, material and even weight for the output. Then we will customize one for your reference.

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the sample of the washi tape, you can place an order for customization. Cozylace will turn your washi tape idea into an excellent product accordingly.

Part 3: FAQs for Personalize the Wedding/Engagement Rings

1How Can I Find the Designers to Custom Wedding Rings?
If you have already found the desired wedding rings but only need some simple changes, you can ask the online store or the designers whether they can make the changes. When you need to personalize wedding rings from scratch, you can search for a designer from Etsy.
2Which is the Best Diamond Shape to Custom Wedding Rings?
When you need to custom wedding rings with a diamond, here are the most frequently used shapes, like a round diamond, oval diamond, cushion diamond, pear diamond, Asscher diamond, prince diamond, emerald diamond, radiant diamond, and heart diamond.
3How to Custom Wedding Rings from Online Services?
Discuss design ideas, options, budgets with your jewelry consultant. After that, check the sketches and concept art designed just for you by our jewelry artists. Visualize your piece with high-resolution 3D renderings and adjust every detail before customizing the wedding rings.


This article shares ten brilliant ideas to help you pick out wedding rings. When you prepare custom wedding rings for your love, you can use the recommendations. If you have any questions about the custom wedding rings, you can feel free to write a comment.