Custom Wedding Invitations – A Simple Guide to Design a Bridal Invitation

How to custom a wedding invitation? When you want to make a special invitation for your wedding party, you should know the photos, texts, materials, and more other elements for the invitation. Of course, if you need to custom a wedding invitation in one paper, you can search for the desired posters or templates online and follow the steps to custom the desired one according to your requirement.

Part 1: 5 Steps to Custom a Wedding or Bridal Invitation

1. Choose the Desired Material for Wedding Invitation

Before choosing a wedding poster or template online, you should decide on the materials for customizing wedding invitations. When you choose the acrylic wedding invitation, you need to choose dark themes. To make a wedding invitation on paper, you can search for collage templates or posters from the Internet. As for the wooden invitation, you should select bright colors instead of dark ones.

2. Prepare the Photos and Stickers for Wedding Invitation

Collect all the information you need for customizing the wedding invitation, such as the photos for the golden memories, the decoration stickers, the greetings, and more. Moreover, you can arrange the orders. If you do not have enough files for the wedding decoration, you can also search for more related files from the Internet or even take more photos for the template or poster.

3. Customize the Templates and Texts for Wedding Invitation

Whether you need to custom wedding invitations with your drawing or choose the online templates, you can fill in the photos and stickers to the invitation. When you need to print some invitations from the online manufacturers, you have to personalize the photo collage templates or the wedding posters from their collage maker beforehand. After that, you should preview the wedding invitation before printing the item.

4. Select the Desired Size and Color for Wedding Invitation

If you need to print the wedding invitation from the online service, you can easily choose the desired size and color. When you need to do everything yourself, you have to set up the correct DPI, ink, and color. When you need to customize wedding invitations with your printer, you have to blend colors to match your wedding party, especially when arranging a purple wedding theme.

5. Print the Custom Wedding Invitation

Once you get everything ready, you can use a printer to check the customized wedding invitation. If you use special material, you have to find the desired printer to get the invitation. As for the drawing invitations, you should also use the scanner to get the photos and print them accordingly. Now, you can send your invitation to your guests.

Part 2: How to Get More Special Bridal Invitations

1. Evening Bridal Invitation

If you have an idea about the wedding veil style, you need to choose the materials to go with your hairstyle or wedding dress. Sheer and organza are the most frequently used materials to custom wedding veils. To decorate the wedding veils, you should also choose embroidery lace trims.

1. Crystal Organza Fabric Tulle

Every guest comes to the party with a light wedding invitation, should it be romantic? Just purchase the glow invitation neon glow in the dark party. You can also customize the wedding invitation with a photo editor in JPEG and PDF format. Moreover, you can send a digital invitation copy to a smartphone for your wedding party.

2. Wedding Invitation Ticket

Just want to design the wedding invitation as a ticket? For a small wedding envelope, it should be a good choice. You can create a ticket for the places you and your lover have gone. Most of the wedding invitations go to the trash after the wedding party. But the special custom wedding invitation should be memorable for your life.

3. Rose Gold Wedding Invitation Suite

When you prepare a luxurious pinky theme wedding party, you can choose a rose gold wedding invitation. It includes the vellum invitation card, envelope, RSVP card, PSVR envelope, and info card. For some important guests, you might want to customize the wedding invitations with a whole suite.

4. Letterpress Wedding Invitation

The letterpress wedding invitation is another creative one, which provides hand-drawn floral and calligraphy on handmade paper and jewel-tone colors. It gives the original handwritten calligraphy design crafted to complement your unique wedding fashion! It is always one of the top-notch classic custom wedding invitations.

5. Lace Floral Wedding Invitation

If you want to find the traditional pattern, you can choose the lace floral wedding invitation. The series includes silver laser-cut invitation pockets, blank inner sheets, white envelopes, and seals/stickers. You can use the invitation cards at a wedding, quinceanera, bride’s bridal shower, and more other ceremonies.

Part 3: How to Custom a Wedding Invitation with a Designer

What should you do if you are not satisfied with the simple and pattern-fixed invitations without enough time and resources for a custom wedding invitation? When you want to custom your wedding invitation styles, such as acrylic wedding invitation stamps. Just share more information about your idea to

Part 4: FAQs about How to Custom a Wedding Invitation

1What should a wedding invitation include?
Here is some basic information you should include for customizing a wedding invitation. It contains an attendance request, the bride's and groom's name, the date, time, location, PSVR instruction. It also needs additional information on the wedding website address and gift list details.
2Can I custom a whole series of wedding invitations?
Yes. When you are satisfied with the floral wedding invitations but still want to customize the envelopes and seals, you can send the invitation information or take a photo to the support team. After that, inform more details about the items you want to custom.
3Is there a minor item to custom wedding invitations online?
Yes. Usually, you have to order at least 20 wedding invitations online. When you need to custom complicated items, you need to communicate with the designer 14 business days before the wedding party since you need to give time for designing and delivering the items.


When you want to custom wedding invitations, here are 5 simple steps you should know. The article also shares another 5 wedding invitations you can order. Moreover, you can ask the designers to make a whole series according to your requirement.