Useful Tips to Clean Silk Flowers with Silk Flower Cleaner Homemade in 2021

“I was just wondering if there is a specific way to clean silk flowers before putting them on the cake. I know they can get dusty from sitting on the store shelf. So what is the best way to clean silk flowers?”

Comparing with natural flowers, you can use artificial flower arrangements as your wardrobe and home décor in a lifetime. You do not need to change freshwater or do other daily preparations. However, there is still something you need to follow to keep silk flowers clean regularly.

Thus, if you have no idea how to clean dirty silk flowers and plants, you can do as the following tells. This article is a complete tutorial for you to clean silk flower wreaths and swag. Well, it’s OK if you have no experience of cleaning fake plants because you can clean silk flowers at home without extra tools. Just read and choose one method to get your silk flowers free of dust effortlessly here.

Part 1: How do You Clean Silk Flowers with Dry Cleaning Methods

If you want to clean dusty silk flowers only, you can try some common dry cleaning ways at home. Consequently, it will not damage its silk petals or cause other problems after cleaning.

Way 1: Remove Silk Flowers from Dust using Uncooked Rice

If your iPhone or iPad got into the water, put your smartphone into a bag of rice to dry it out. Moreover, rice can get unwanted dust off your silk flowers as well. So you can prepare some rice in a bag with silk flowers covered. Then shake the bag to clean dust from silk flowers.

Note: It may take a lot of time to remove dust and dry your silk flowers, wreathes, and others with uncooked rice.

Way 2: Clean Dirty Silk Flowers by Shaking in Cornmeal

Instead of uncooked rice, you can use cornmeal to clean very dirty silk flowers at home too. Just pour four or five tablespoons of cornmeal into a Ziploc bag or other similar objects. Then shake the bag for about one minute to clean dusty silk flowers. To remove excess cornmeal, you can shake silk flowers slightly.

Way 3: Keep Silk Flowers Cleaning via Compressed Air

Well, you can go to any local department store to buy compressed air. Do not put compressed air too close to silk flowers. Otherwise, it may crumble delicate silk flower petals. In some degrees, compressed air can be your physical silk flower cleaner as well.

In a word, you can use compressed air to blow light covering dust off your silk flowers. You can combine several ways to remove small amounts of dust and dirt.

Way 4: Blow Dust and Grime from Silk Flowers with Your Hair Dryer (Low Speed)

If you do not want to go outside or spend extra money, you can use your hairdryer instead. Everyone has a hairdryer, right? Be aware of blowing off the dust from your silk flowers at a low speed. It would be better to use cold air to remove dirt or dust. However, you can remove light layers of dust only by blowing with a hairdryer.

Way 5: Shake and Clean Silk Flowers with Salt

Do you have any rice or cornmeal in your house? Then you can use salt instead to shake with silk flowers. Place a cup of salt into a plastic or paper bag, then put a silk flower into it as well. Shake gently for one or two minutes. If you have several silk flowers or plants that need to clean, you can repeat the process to remove dust one by one.

Part 2: How to Clean Your Flowers with Silk Flower Cleaner Liquids

Water or other chemical washing tools may indeed fade or damage your silk flowers. But if you want to get off stains, then shaking and blowing silk flowers are not good enough. What’s more, a deep cleaning is required if those silk flowers are dirty, not to mention to clean silk flowers for cake or other food decorations.

Way 1: Wash Silk Flowers in Water Directly

If you donot clean silk flowers before, then they must collect a lot of dirt and grime. During this time, you had better give a shower to deep clean those artificial flowers. Prepare some warm water mixed with two or three tablespoons of gentle dish soap.  Then sink silk flowers in the water gently.

Be aware of swishing flowers from one side to another to remove unwanted dust only. When the process finishes, air dry your silk flowers on a towel or something that can absorb excess water.

Note: You can add one silk flower into the water to have a small test first. If everything goes well, then you can wash silk flowers from mildew, grease, or dust.

Way 2: Spray with Distilled Vinegar and Water to Clean Silk Flowers

Prepare a spray bottle filled with distilled vinegar and water in half. You can shake this spray bottle to mix water and vinegar. Later, spray silk flowers with the mixture. Put your silk flowers in a light and airy place to dry them out. If you are not sure whether vinegar will ruin your flowers or not, you can spritz slightly in a corner. Then wait until it dries to check the result.

Way 3: Clean Silk Flowers and Plants from Dust with Cleaning Sprays

Well, you can also use cleaning sprays for silk flowers. For instance, Design It Floral Silk Cleaner 22oz, Design Master 280 Silk Flower Cleaner Spray, Hobby Lobby Silk Flower Cleaner, and others are popular choices for cleaning silk flowers. You can buy one silk flower cleaner in Walmart or Amazon. Well, it can be the most expensive way to clean dirty silk flowers throughout this article.

Note: Check if you buy the correct silk plant cleaner spray. It may not work or even destroy your silk flowers if you use sprays designed for artificial flowers or other products.

Way 4: Use Dishwasher without Detergent to Wash Off Silk Flowers

To clean large silk flowers, you can put them in your dishwasher as well. Remember to set to a gentle cycle, and do not put any detergent. To start with, you had better check the instruction of the dishwasher. What’s more, some silk flowers may not be friendly to the dishwasher. Sometimes, your dishwasher will stain with silk flowers.

So you need to have a test first. Put a small amount of silk flower into the water for several minutes to see if it is damaged or not. Then you can clean silk flowers in the dishwasher freely.

Way 5: Wipe Down Silk Plants with a Cold and Damp Towel

A towel is a good tool that can dry wet silk flowers and wipe the dust off. If your silk flowers adhere to the furniture or specific decoration, you cannot wash with water. You can use a cold and damp towel or cotton cloth to clean thick dust silk flowers. Well, be gentle and take care of your silk flowers while wiping.

Part 3: How Can You Keep Silk Flowers Clean in Daily Maintaining

Want to keep your silk flowers gorgeous and clean all the way? Here are some tips and tricks you can follow for cleaning silk flowers and artificial plants regularly.

Way 1: Do Regular Cleaning of Silk Flowers with a Duster

You can use any duster to remove dust and grime from silk flowers gently. For instance, a feather duster would be a good choice. However, you may find that the duster can clean light-gathering dust only. Once the dust is stuck on, you need to use a soft brush or damp towel to wipe it off softly.

Way 2: Collect Dust from Silk Flowers through a Vacuum Cleaner

If you do not want to touch your silk flowers to prevent outside damages, you can use a vacuum to collect dust. Just hold it a few inches away from your silk flowers. Moreover, use a detachable hose to continue. Well, it is also a method to keep artificial trees dust-free in regular maintaining.

Way 3: Clean Silk Flowers and Artificial Plants with a Blow Dryer

By using a blow dryer, you can blow away covering dust and grime. Consequently, dust will not set in your silk flowers and become hard to remove. Furthermore, you can wear a mask and prevent it outside of your room. Do not hold the blow dryer too close to artificial plants, and be careful when you clean the dust off silk flowers with the strong wind.

Way 4: Use Nylons to Prevent Dust Buildup on Silk Flowers

It is easy to cause damage over time if you vacuum dust from silk flowers. To prevent suctions and physical or chemical damages on silk petals, you can use old nylons as an alternative. Just cover silk flowers with nylons and move gently. As a result, dust and other unwanted things can be collected due to vacuum as well.

Way 5: Spray Alcohol and Water with Half Mixture to Maintain Silk Flowers Clean

You can also mix alcohol and water in a spray bottle to replace common silk flower cleaners because alcohol can adsorb dust from your silk pants without any influence. Comparing to sock or wipe silk flowers, alcohol will not change the shape of silk flowers.

Part 4: Which Way Should You Take to Clean Silk Flowers

All in all, there are four main methods to clean silk flowers homemade include artificial plants. You can spray, wash, blow or wipe the dust from silk flowers in different cases. It depends on the condition of your silk flowers and the silk plant cleaner you own. If you want to clean old silk flowers, it is not suitable with a dishwasher or other relatively violent tools.

Silk Flower Cleaning Tools you can Use Pros Cons
Shake silk flowers with

1. Uncooked rice

2. Cornmeal

3. Salt

1. Cheap and easy to use.

2. Clean dusty silk flowers easily at home without damages.

Fail to clean grease and other stains from your silk flowers.
Wash silk flowers with

1. Water

2. Dishwasher

Deeply clean very dirty silk flowers and other fabric plants. Easy to cause discoloration and related damages.
Spray silk flowers with

1. Compressed air

2. Hair/blow dryer

3. Silk flower cleaner spray

4. Vacuum

5. Half distilled vinegar and half water

6. Half alcohol and half water

Friendly to clean delicate silk flowers. May change silk flower shape because of improper operation or cleaners.
Wipe silk flowers with

1. Cold and damp towel

2. Duster

3. Nylon

Clean silk and dried flowers out of dust and grime Cannot get out of hidden dust and stains long time ago.

According to the above solutions, you can get the same or even better way to clean silk flowers, Martha Stewart. No matter what condition your silk plants are in, you can always find the best result here.

If you enjoy this article, please share it with your friends. Of course, whenever you meet any problem while cleaning silk flowers, feel free to contact us or leave messages in the comments below. We are glad to help you whenever you need us. That’s all for today’s lesson about how to clean silk flowers at home in cheap ways. Thanks for your reading.