June 11, 2018

Lace Definition – What Is Lace and How to Identify Lace Fabric

What comes to your mind first when you hear “Lace”? A lace wedding dress? A dream catcher? A lace choker? It seems that lace garments and […]
June 11, 2018
Sew Lace

Sewing Lace – How to Sew Lace with Easy Steps

Different from common fabrics, lace is not easy to be sewed. You need to prepare and spend much time to sew a lace dress or other […]
September 12, 2018
Clean Silk Flowers

Useful Tips to Clean Silk Flowers with Silk Flower Cleaner Homemade in 2018

“I was just wondering if there is a specific way to clean silk flowers before putting them on the cake. I know they can get dusty […]
September 12, 2018
Wedding Arch Decoration with Silk Flowers

10+ Creative Ideas to Decorate Wedding Arch with Silk Flowers in 2018

“A friend of mine is going to let me use her wedding arch after she gets married. But it’s just going to be a plain, metal […]
September 13, 2018
Silk Wedding Bouquets

15 DIY Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet You Can Make by Yourself in 30 Minutes

“Any opinions on using silk flowers to create the bridal bouquets? I’ve found this is a way to conserve money and have noticed that silk flowers […]
November 9, 2018
Silk Ribbon Wedding

25 Splendid Ideas to Use Silk Ribbon on Your Amazing Wedding

Silk ribbons can be used in many aspects. If you pay more attention to your life, then you can find many cases. For instance, you will […]