Burgundy Lace Review, Here are the Best Items for Fashion and Décor

Burgundy lace, with its intricate patterns and timeless elegance, holds a significant place in the realms of fashion, interior design, and beyond. In the world of fashion, it embodies sophistication, gracing couture gowns, delicate lingerie, and accessories with an air of timeless allure. In interior design, burgundy lace drapes and decor elements infuse spaces with opulence and warmth.

The purpose of this article is to embark on a journey through the versatile and elegant universe of burgundy lace. We aim to explore its rich history, showcase its many applications, and provide insights into how you can incorporate this exquisite fabric into your fashion choices, home decor, and creative endeavors.

Part 1: Burgundy Lace in Fashion and Home Décor

Burgundy Lace in Fashion

Burgundy lace is a coveted choice in the world of fashion, adorning a wide array of clothing items and accessories. Its rich, deep hue and intricate patterns lend a touch of elegance and sophistication to various wardrobe staples.

Dresses: Burgundy lace dresses are a timeless classic. From cocktail dresses to evening gowns, this fabric adds a romantic and luxurious element. Designers often use it for overlays, sleeves, or as the primary material, creating stunning silhouettes that exude grace and charm.

Blouses: Burgundy lace blouses offer a versatile way to incorporate this fabric into everyday wear. Delicate lace panels or sleeves can elevate a simple blouse, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Accessories: Accessories like scarves, gloves, and even lace chokers or headbands can feature burgundy lace. These subtle touches can transform an outfit, adding a touch of vintage-inspired elegance.

Several renowned fashion designers have embraced burgundy lace in their collections. For instance, Elie Saab, known for his intricate evening gowns, has frequently utilized burgundy lace to create show-stopping pieces. Iconic fashion moments, such as the burgundy lace gown worn by Michelle Dockery in "Downton Abbey," have further solidified this fabric's place in fashion history. Burgundy lace continues to captivate designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, ensuring its enduring popularity.

Burgundy Lace in Fashion

In interior design, burgundy lace introduces opulence and warmth to living spaces. Here are some creative ways to incorporate it:

Curtains: Burgundy lace curtains infuse rooms with a sense of luxury. They filter sunlight, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the lace patterns add an air of sophistication.

Tablecloths: A burgundy lace tablecloth can instantly elevate a dining experience. Whether for everyday meals or special occasions, it adds a touch of elegance to the table setting.

Decorative Accents: Burgundy lace decorative accents, such as throw pillows, cushion covers, or lampshades, provide subtle pops of color and texture in living spaces. These accents tie the room together while creating a cozy ambiance.

By integrating burgundy lace into both fashion and home decor, individuals can embrace its versatility and elegance, adding a touch of timeless beauty to their lives.

Part 2: 10 Best Burgundy Lace Trims You Should Choose

1. 1-3/4-Inch-Wide Floral Pattern Lace Trim Roll Burgundy Lace

If you need to wrap some presents with wide floral burgundy lace, the 1-3/4 one is a nice choice. It is suitable for sewing, card making, gift wrapping, bows making, jewelry design, floral arrangement, clothing accessories, and more. It is made of high-quality polyester material with wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant features.

2. 3.5-Inch Burgundy Venice Lace Trim Wide Floral Embroidered Trim

When you need to make some DIY items with burgundy lace, it is a nice choice that is made of polyester, elegant and classic design, beautiful and delicate. The wide Venice lace trim can be used for sewing crafts, wedding dress embellishment, home décor, and more.

3. 3-Inch Elastic Burgundy Lace Trim Stretchy Floral Pattern

As for the elastic burgundy lace that is made of polyester, the floral pattern design is beautiful and comfortable. Elastic lace trim is excellent quality with a soft handle and drape. The burgundy floral lace trim is perfect for making headbands, costumes, hair bows, gift wrapping, DIY crafts, scrapbooks, etc.

4. 6-Inch Rose Embroidered Lace Ribbon Stretch Burgundy Lace

The 6-inch burgundy rose embroidered lace is an elastic lace made of premium quality cotton and polyester with floral embroidery patterns. It is stretchy, soft, and comfortable, which is perfect for wedding decorations and crafts. You can use the lace trim for wedding dresses and lingerie, ladies’ garments, table runners, etc.

5. 3D Burgundy Lace Flower Wedding Dress Patch Embroidered

How about the 3D burgundy lace? Whether you need to sew the wedding lace to your dresses or clothes, it should be a nice choice. It is one pair of big 3D flower wedding dress patches embroidered that you can sew on applique. It is a burgundy lace trim with 28 x 13cm in size and with a beautiful pattern.

6. 3D Burgundy Embroidery Sequin Lace Applique Sewing Flower

To add some special pattern to your wedding dress, the 3D burgundy embroidery sequin lace is a suitable lace trim. The 28 x 16 cm sequin appliques are the best choice for adorning your party dress, evening dress, bridal dress, wedding dress, and dance wear by sewing on.

7. 1.13-Inch Burgundy Wide Lace Trim Vintage Crochet Lace

If you want to take crochet burgundy lace ribbons with scalloped edges for decorations, you can cut them into proper lengths or combine them and other decorations to match your objects. It should be the ideal supply for sewing, quilting or patching, wedding, or daily use, bringing you an enjoyable DIY experience.

8. 1.3-Inch Burgundy Elastic Lace Ribbon Floral Lace Edge Trim

When you need to decorate the edges of curtains or clothes, it is the floral burgundy lace edge trim for DIY crafts, wedding decoration, gift wrapping, and more. It is a lace trim made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, which is soft to the touch, beautiful, and elegant in pattern.

9. 1-Inch Burgundy Daisy Flower Ribbon-Flower Ribbon Trim

For clothing decorating and making, the 1” burgundy daisy floral ribbon trim should be a nice choice. Whether you need to decorate the ribbon trim for clothes or dresses, sew flowers, or make home party/wedding decorations, you can always use the wine-red lace pattern made of polyester and cotton.

10. 6-Inch Elastic Burgundy Lace Ribbon Stretch Tulle Lace Trim

It should be another 6-inch elastic burgundy lace ribbon and decorative tulle ribbons for scrapbooks, tutu skirts, pew bows, chair sashes, wedding cloth decorations, table decorations, and more. Plus, you can also use the lace trim to decorate the house and wrap some special presents.

Part 3: Styling Tips and Inspirations of Burgundy Lace

The creative suggestions allow you to infuse the timeless charm of burgundy lace into your personal style and home decor projects. When wearing burgundy lace garments, consider these tips:

Wearing and Styling Burgundy Lace Garments

  1. Elegant Evening Look: Choose a burgundy lace dress for formal occasions. Pair it with nude or black heels, minimal jewelry, and a clutch for a timeless, elegant look.
  2. Casual Chic: For a more relaxed vibe, pair a burgundy lace blouse with high-waisted jeans and ankle boots. Add a leather jacket for an edgy touch.
  3. Layering: Layer a burgundy lace cardigan over a simple tank top and jeans for a stylish yet comfortable everyday ensemble.

Using Burgundy Lace in Home Decor

  1. Curtains: Opt for burgundy lace curtains in the dining room to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They filter light beautifully while adding a touch of luxury.
  2. Table Runners: Use a burgundy lace table runner for special occasions or everyday dining. It adds elegance to any table setting.
  3. Throw Pillows: Decorate your living room with burgundy lace throw pillows. They can complement both classic and contemporary decor styles.
  4. Lace Accents: Incorporate burgundy lace as accents in decor items like lampshades, vases, or picture frames for a subtle touch of sophistication.


The exploration of the enchanting world of burgundy lace has unveiled not only its timeless allure but also its versatility in both fashion and home decor. From elegant dresses and blouses to luxurious curtains and tablecloths, burgundy lace weaves its magic, adding an air of sophistication and warmth to every facet of life.

As the article wraps up the journey through its styling tips and creative applications, we're reminded that the elegance of burgundy lace endures through generations. Whether adorning the runway or gracing your living room, it remains a symbol of timeless beauty and refinement.

So, whether you're considering a fashion makeover or a home decor revamp, let burgundy lace be your muse – a fabric that transcends trends and captures the essence of enduring elegance. Embrace its regal charm, and let it infuse your life with the warmth and sophistication it has offered for centuries.