15 Boho Lace Wedding Dresses Perfect for A Chic Wedding

Are you planning to have a nice and chic wedding day? How about a garden or beach wedding? The choices of having a perfect wedding are truly endless. You can choose to have a simple food catering to full buffet service. Once you are done with these items, it is a must that you prepare the best and most elegant wedding dress available. This is where the boho lace wedding dress steps in.

Bohemian lace wedding dress is known for its lacey works and flowy skirt. It is comfortable to wear and classy at the same time. Choosing the perfect wedding dress should not only rely on its design and pattern. You should consider the price and fit. To help you make up your mind, we have gathered some of the best boho lace wedding dresses online.

1. Gipsy Layered Boho Wedding Dress

Price: $562.00+

Do you love to dance? Then this bohemian lace wedding dress will not only be the perfect wedding gown but also as an after-party gown! The soft fringes on the neckline, wrap lacey top with deep V-Neckline, and floor-length skirt finished this comfy and stylish wedding dress.

2. Rustic Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $542.59

Looking perfect at your wedding has never been this easy. The all-laced-up bodice with deep V-neckline, body-hugging pattern finished off with a long lacey train creates a stunning wedding dress to love. Everyone will talk about you on your wedding day. Such a beautiful bride on her perfect bohemian lace wedding dress!

3. Long Sleeve Boho Vintage Wedding Dress

Price: $149.99+

Scalloped deep V-neckline with a snug fit lacey long sleeves finished with long and soft chiffon bottom makes this boho lace wedding dress with sleeves truly breathtaking. Creating a perfect wedding day will end up with the bride walking down the aisle wearing a stunning and elegant wedding dress. Such a beauty to behold!

4. Boho Open Back Wedding Dress

Price: $799.00

Tulle, lace, and crystal make this boho lace wedding dress with sleeves truly magical. The sexy deep V-neckline will enhance your figure even more and not mention the snugged fit long lacey long sleeves. The long laced up bottom finished off this elegant wedding dress with a flair.

5. Bohemian Long Lace Wedding Gown

Price: $263.09

What makes a wedding dress extra special? The snugged-fit lacey long sleeves with its all lace-up bodice will create something magical and unforgettable. The intricate boho lace makes this wedding gown will make heads turn. What a beauty it is indeed!

6. Winter Boho Lace Wedding Gown

Price: $977.12

There is nothing more enchanting than sparkling pearls and beadworks. The beautiful and soft tulle skirt with all lace-up boho lace makes this wedding gown truly special. The bead and pearls on its deep V-neckline create a stunning effect and its deep back pattern. This winter boho lace wedding dress with sleeves will make any bride elegant.

7. Sexy Boho White Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $320.00+

The flawless lacey work of this boho wedding dress will make everyone envy green. The sexy off-shoulder lace sleeves and curvy breast neckline will enhance your figure even more. Feeling like a princess on your special day should not be that hard. This bohemian lace wedding dress will make any bride’s wedding day unforgettable.

8. Bohemian Sheath Bridal Dress

Price: $530.00

Are you planning a beach wedding? Then this eye-catching bohemian lace wedding dress will make your day truly special. The deep V-neckline, all laced up bodice, backless pattern with long flowy lace bottom is a picture that describes one thing and that is ‘perfect’. Such a special wedding dress for that wonderful day.

9. Tulle Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $449.00

This bohemian lace wedding dress beauty is made of delicate tulle plisse, craftily set into Edwardian ruffles at the sleeve down to the skirt. Glistening sparkle florals are appliqued all over the lacey bodice even the undercoats, adding a shining outcome to the bridal dress. Intricately patterned with fine tulle ruffles, a flowy skirt gently sways against the wind, fashioning a truly dreamy shape. Both elegant and romantic.

10. A-Line Boho Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $274.10

The empire waist with its beautiful A-Line silhouette makes the material fall flatteringly as you walk down the aisle. Tulle, lace, and satin are the perfect materials that will create a stunning boho lace wedding dress. The bead and pearl work on its backless pattern and bracelet sleeves adds up to the uniqueness of this wedding dress.

11. Bohemian Mermaid Wedding Dress

Price: $537.00

Champagne overlay Boho lace with Ivory slip with a slit makes this boho lace wedding dress is the perfect beach wedding gown. The flowy long sleeve down to the bottom are all laced up with big floral patterns. Every mermaid in the sea will be jealous as you walk down the sandy beach.

12. Beach Boho Lace Wedding Dress

Price: $424.24

Deep V-neckline, all laced up bodies with soft chiffon bottom wedding gown will make any bride stands out on her wedding day. The flowy and fluffy chiffon bottom with lacey works on the mid part is the perfect effect for this boho lace wedding dress.

13. Lacey Beach Bohemian Bridal Dress

Price: $424.24

The lacey works on the sleeve and bodice making this boho lace wedding dress unique. The alternate pattern of see-through fabric and lace makes it such a darling. The waistline and hip are both laced up while finishing it off with soft chiffon fabric at the bottom.

14. Champagne Bohemian Beach Bridal Gown

Price: $250.69

The champagne-colored all-laced up bottom enhanced with a deep V-neckline creates a sexy and romantic boho lace wedding dress. The perfect wedding dress for a garden or beach wedding.

15. Ivory Tulle Bridal Lace Gown

Price: $479.00

The sweetheart neckline, puff sleeves adorned with appliques, and tulle fabric makes this boho lace wedding dress sexy and romantic. If you wish to have a beach wedding then this will make your dream come true.